This video is only 8 minutes long…, and powerful.  It carries TRUTH.  Mark delivers it in his usual abrasive style…, but PLEASE don’t let that stop you from listening.  The “real truth”  is not easy to hear…, because so many of us are DOING harmful things to each other, but it is still the truth.  This, of course, is opposed to the truth of the NEW AGE…, that says basically that anything goes…, “it’s all good”…, there is no such thing as evil or bad…, which is exactly what the SATANISTS say:

Their credo is:

Do what thou Wilt……

How is that different from:

“It’s all good…,”   AND   “there is no such thing as evil”

Many of the New Agers’ (without realizing it) are espousing Satanic Beliefs….

Here’s the short video, delivered in Mark’s usual style…

PS.  I agree totally…, that IF your job or employment is to “hurt” people in any way…, then you NEED to quit your job!

One last one….

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