MARK PASSIO – His Latest Radio Podcast

This is a great “rant” by Mark…, but I still maintain HOPE that we can change the consciousness of enough people to put a stop to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

I do NOT think however that it will be done by the NEW AGERS!  But instead truly spiritual people who go OUT into the world changing their behavior and CARING about the planet!

For those who care to hear Mark’s Entire Podcast, here is the link taken from his personal website:

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  1. purplegrip1

    Where’s the love?

    • I really have to AGREE with you on this one! Mark did not show much LOVE in this rant of his!
      However…, being “human” myself…, and a man who DEEPLY cares about the planet and it’s people…, I
      can easily see how he could “get depressed” as the LACK OF PROGRESS of humanity!

      Remember he has been doing DAY LONG SEMINARS all over the country for the last 4 or 5 years!
      Some of his videos are 6 to 9 hours LONG.

      NO ONE who did not really TRULY CARE about humanity would do this type of work!

      I forgive his rant…, because I know what he is feeling! He REALLY CARES and therefore he is depressed at how
      his efforts are not gaining traction!

      On the other hand…, those who DON’T CARE AT ALL…, can simply continue to smile…, and send out
      FAKE LOVE on a daily basis.

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