By: Bradley Loves

Even though this video might seem quite scientific.  It is more “logic” and deductive reasoning than pure science.  But don’t be fooled by doubt!  This is EXACTLY how reality gets created!

I have written countless articles trying to explain what Mark puts very eloquently in this one video!

Not only that…, but I’ve also tried to explain in articles that I write that “EVERYTHING MATTERS”…., when it comes to what human beings do…, and DON’T DO on the Earth!

Doing NOTHING is a choice…, and this is a “natural law” that most New Ager’s just do not get or understand!

Channeled Messages will NEVER cover this part of the argument…, because IF they did, the ENTIRE message of false “hope” given to those who listen to them would be exposed.

If the TRUTH was revealed that each human being was adding to the EVIL upon the planet simply by refusing to address and confront EVIL right where it starts…, (instead of turning a blind eye and ignoring it), then the message that there is no such thing AS EVIL (or worse, that we actually NEED evil) would be exposed as a horrible lie.

Here is where “words” fail us and we get into he said/she said about what evil really is.   So lets be clear!


EVIL is anything, or any activity that is anti-life!  It is anything that harms, destroys, torments or tortures “Living Things”.

I put this definition up because the Luciferians think that Christians who put “LOVE” first, or those who want to always tell the TRUTH are “EVIL”.

Those who turn a “blind eye” to this activity…, or simply call it “error”…, or say we all need to get along…, etc…, are in fact, helping (through non-action) to create a very DARK REALITY on the planet.



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