This video interview – has some good information in it.

The part right up front that you will want to take note of is that there really IS a difference between right action and wrong action.

Mark gets into how reality is created IN THE AGGREGATE…, and that when many human beings are “choosing” immoral behavior (and the rest of us TOLERATE and ALLOW that…) then we COLLECTIVELY bring into manifestation a very dark world and reality.

We are all responsible FOR THIS…, because just like the BIBLE suggests:


We are there to help and guide…, but we are also there to put a STOP to what is clearly WRONG ACTION!  (Coming from our fellow humans)

We are NOT supposed to just tolerate and forgive EVERYTHING, because allowing EVIL to continue creates horror as a manifested result.

The “New Age” teaching of endless “tolerance”…, (for all things) is actually a very DESTRUCTIVE teaching from this standpoint!  And, (thanks to the Channelers) we have a lot of clean up work to do now!

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