Mark Passio, has on his website (What on Earth is Happening) an entire series of podcasts that explains why he feels that so many people really don’t understand what is happening here on Earth at this time.  He is logical, and VERY comprehensive in his delivery of scientific and spiritual matters and how they connect. He has now placed those podcasts on Youtube which makes them far easier to repost.  He has always recommended that they be listened to in order because each one builds on the next.  For the next little while, I will be posting these podcasts (in order) for those who wish to take that journey of listening to how he sees what is really going on here.

Honestly…, after listening to the start of what he has to say…, I have to agree with his assessment.

There are some really DANGEROUS FALSE or FAKE teachings circulating around the internet in the form of NEW AGE teachings which are leading us down a very wrong path.  He sorts this out in his first two podcasts.  ENJOY.


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