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Some very important knowledge that needs to be understood!

“Highly recommended” is Mark’s  NATURAL LAW SEMINAR – This is a must see for anyone who studies Spirituality!  See the link above!


How Globalists use Satanic  Cults to recruit Psychopaths.

When I finally began to understand that Satanism was the fundamental core ideology that lies behind all of the institutions of power and influence that make up our modern day life and modern day society, and that it was all about CONTROL and the injecting of that poisonous world view into the minds of the masses, I no longer wanted to follow that path.

Mark Passio


Next HIGHLY recommended video (very important) in helping you to understand the reality that we are living in today is this one:















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  1. purplegrip1

    Thank you for response to my comment.I really do value your opinions and comments. I do not have the ability to separate the truth from the not so true like you do, therefore I just distrust things that have red flags, like the words of a satanist. I guess that it is valuable to get the perspective of a satanic insider. I just wish it did not take him so long to get the point across

  2. purplegrip1

    I have little faith or respect for a man like Mark Passio and I don’t know how you can either. He was appointed a priest in the church of satan by non other than Anton La Vey himself. He was, or is the the epitome of evil and the occult. How can we possibly respect him as a benevolent purveyor of truth. It is like a person who was in the CIA for twenty years and now they want to save the world by exposing the truth. A person like that can never be completely trusted. I don’t want to hear him.

    • Purplegrip!

      You are most entitled to that opinion, and I honor how you feel. That being said, I feel that people can and do sometimes change. Given the reasons that he claims to have gone down that path, and what he learned as a result, he has made countless apologies for doing so.

      He has given us some clear insight into the Illuminati and into their dark agenda.

      My process in listening to Mark is to gather as much knowledge as I possibly can…, and in doing do so, build MY OWN understading and realization of how things really work in the UNIVERSE.

      Do I “believe” every single thing he says??

      Not on your life! Not at all.

      I am highly “qualified” as a spiritual being however to decipher what part of what Mark is saying is simply OPINION…., and what part of what he is saying is based in fact.

      I have my OWN RELATIONSHIP with GOD our loving father, or as I call HIM/HER/THAT… PRIME CREATOR.

      That relationship is very solid and is a result of my entire life’s SPIRITUAL WORK.

      30 years of prayer and meditation!

      In my opinion…, MARK PASSIO is a youngster! So is Jordan Sather! They are seriously trying to find the TRUTH as I did when I was their age. Remembering back 30 to 40 years…, I remember when I was first trying to sort out fact from fiction.

      It is easy for me therefore to GIVE PEOPLE ROOM TO GROW

      I sense sincereity in what Mark wants to “do now” as opposed to what he “did then”.

      FORGIVENESS is a huge part of my process (even though it may not seem like it at all).

      I simply do not “extend” forgiveness to men and women who CONTINUE to do evil! They must first see the error of their ways! Mark has done this. The Cabal/Illuminati have NOT done this.

      In my Universal View…, FORGIVENESS is not given out like a pair of underwear to everyone simply because they exist…, but it is EARNED!

      Behind the scenes (what people do not see) I spend hours and hours per day reading, studying and LEARNING.

      This is the only reason that I can conclusively say (and at this time I’m the ONLY one doing it) that the NEW AGE was created by the FREEMASONS!
      I can also conclusively say that after the 33rd degree (almost ALL) Freemasons GO SATANIC!

      It may not have always been this way…, but I am not teaching how Freemasons used to think…, I am teaching HOW THEY THINK NOW! (Because this is what is effecting us now).

      Helena Blavatsky was indeed a SATANIST and a LUCIFERIAN…, and she (along with top level Freemasons) started the NEW AGE.

      Her “disciples”…Annie Bessant and then Alice Bailey brought the New Age to what it is today.

      They did this with the help of Freemasons.

      The “Spirits” that most New Agers are “channeling” are DARK ENTITES! Their coming into the minds of good men and women for the purpose of “teaching them” has an agenda behind it.

      No one gets this better than myself. My relationship with Prime Creator tells me it is the TRUTH.

      Mark Passio is the only other human being that is blogging/running a website who is teaching the same thing.
      His encounters with the SATANISTS have helped him to see this.

      In my opinion…, you are not CAPABLE of warning anyone of a huge pit that they may potentially FALL INTO unless you have actually SEEN THE PIT!

      Not a single New Ager believes or teaches as I do…, because they have NOT SEEN/EXPERIENCED what I have seen/experienced.


      But…, in order to get my forgiveness…, they MUST DEMONSTRATE THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR WAYS.

      This is why I post Mark Passio.
      Feel free to IGNORE any of my future postings of his material.

      All my love…

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