By: Bradley Loves


CARING…, about others is the single and ONLY thing that motivates a person into action here on EARTH.

It is the sacred feminine principle that allows for a “mother” to protect her young children from an ATTACKER.

Without it the “mother” would not act!

CARING ABOUT OTHERS…, moves a human being into action to PROTECT…, and to ASSIST…, and to FEED…, and to CLOTH if necessary.

It is the Hallmark of a man like Jesus Christ…, and is the motivation for his desire to feed the hungry and heal the sick!

The single biggest ENEMY of CARING is:


New Age “non-judgement” compels a believer in such nonsense to “stand down”…, to “not get involved”…, because if an “aggressor” is attacking someone…, then that person probably CONTRACTED FOR THAT.

NON-JUDGEMENT is the KILLER of the sacred feminine!


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