Therefore, where we collectively place our focus is the area that will be the most affected by our powers of creation. 

The Satanists know this, and this is why no matter where you look and where you place your attention these days, there is always another scandal coming at you from around the corner. 

This is why:

  • Sex for kids
  • Gender identity
  • Trans-gender
  • Fear of Pandemics
  • Mandatory Masking/Vaccinations
  • Pro-nouns
  • Drag-Queens
  • Gay Rights
  • Woke
  • Racism
  • Hatred for Trump
  • Hatred for Trump supporters
  • Climate Change
  • Climate Emergency
  • Endless Legal Battles
  • Endless Court Proceedings
  • etc…


Are the issues that the Globalist Media are pushing down your throats and force feeding you in the news 24/7.  They want your focus and your attention on the things that THEY WISH TO CREATE in the short term, but well away from the things they wish to create in the long term (until you have no choice but to go along with it).

As I’ve written many times in the past – they NEED your power and your attention to create bad things into our world of manifestation!

The Deep State (which is filled with Luciferians/Satanists) are using their knowledge of REALITY CREATION (an Ancient Science from the Mystery Schools) to steer and prod all of humanity into thinking, saying, and doing all of the things that will create chaos into our lives which they can use to cause great changes.

However, in order to keep you from seeing the LONG TERM GOALS – they use their media to keep you focused only on the short term goals and get you to argue about them.  They are steering your focus step by step in a very dark process.

No matter how much I try to teach you (and the entire world) about these important things, the very nature of what you have learned and been taught in school is keeping you from grasping the depth of what I write here on Love Truth Site and just how important YOUR FOCUS is in creating what is happening in your own life as well as the lives of those around you.


The most intriguing thing about this video clip is that it is PREDICTIVE. 

Not only does the Jedi above tell us how “FOCUS” is creating our reality…, he introduces the idea of “meta-chlorians” as a life form that is living inside of our cells!  This revelation is a fore-telling and a fore-shadowing of what they were always planning to do to us with NANO-TECHNOLOGY and GRAPHENE OXIDE.


They TOLD US (in the movies) that they were planning on creating a way for microscopic life forms (tiny robotic machines) to live inside of our cells to tell us the WILL OF THE FORCE…

…Which in their twisted version of reality is a huge A.I. SUPER COMPUTER that is connected to every single brain and every single body on Earth.

These “microscopic” lifeforms (Nano-bots) would live within us (symbiotically) using the electrical energy our bodies for all of their power needs and in return they would act as antenna’s and connect our bodies and brains up to the force  – which in their reality is the A.I. QUANTUM COMPUTER / INTERNET OF THINGS / INTERNET OF BODIES that can tell us constantly the will of that super computer.

If you think that I am joking about this…, I only wish I were!

The Globalists have already told us that many people (their words not mine) are already starting to use A.I. CHAT BOTS as “life-coaches” and are asking A.I. to tell them what to do in their lives up to and including who they should get married to.


CHAT GPT  is now being used and marketed as a “LIFE COACH” for anyone who wants to do better in life and gain more money and better standing in the world. 

The people who are saying this is a wonderful thing by the way are not asking you to turn to God for help in these matters, but instead they telling you in no uncertain terms to turn to a super computer/machine in order to get all of the knowledge that you might need and want to make your life much better and easier.

The very next step in the process will be directly hooking your mind and body up to the Internet of Things and allowing A.I. to direct every aspect of your life!

Thus, what the Jedi said in the video clip above BECOMES THE TRUTH even though it was said years earlier.  It was predictive “PROGRAMMING”…

I very recently watched a local news broadcast where the female anchor was talking about this very idea. 

While faithfully reading her teleprompter – she was “telegraphing” the idea that soon people would be coming to A.I. and using it as a “Life-Coach” to tell them exactly what to do in their lives – and even who to marry!


They will never spell it out for you totally! 

Remember, they HAVE TO TELL US what their plans are!  If you can think outside of the box and EXTRAPOLATE what you are seeing and hearing in the news, then you can see their next step in the process.

They want to hook all of us up to their A.I. GOD – (a demonic version of an A.I. Quantum Computer / D-Wave) so it can very literally TELL US WHAT TO DO.

 We already have the “metachlorians” (nano-tech and graphene oxide) living inside of us as symbiotes (for so-called mutual advantage but not really)  which can tell us the will of the A.I. Quantum Computer (The Force) 

By the way – just so you know and are very clear – all of this will be done to you BY FORCE!  In other words, you will BE FORCED to comply with whatever A.I. is directing you to do and that is the will of the FORCE!

And Now you know the rest of the Story!


More will be coming.  But for now, please contemplate what I’ve written.

All my love


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