By: Bradley Loves


One of the most noteable parts of my life here on Earth is that my “intuition” is NEVER wrong!

People who have known me for any length of time, have called it “uncanny”…, and some even used the word “bizarre”.

I have had friends who knew me personally who could not “get enough” of my time.

They used to call me to “come over” only becuase they needed a “Brad fix”…., almost like I was some sort of drug they were addicted to.

The scary part of this (to me) is that when I was young…, many different people (who did not know each other) used to use the same words… “Get their Brad fix”…, when they wanted to have me spend time with them.

People have said…, (when I was younger), that they could “set a clock” by what I told them., because no matter how crazy it sounded…, it ALWAYS came true!

Some older people, who became my friends…, would seek me out for advice, even though I was far younger than they were!

Those that listened to what I had to say…, did well financially, as well as with the rest of their lives.  One man in fact…, who used to ask me for advice all the time…, did not “like” what I told him on several occasions.

On those occasions, he used to plead with me “not” to say how certain events would turn out if he proceeded with his planned course of action.

When I asked him why he did not want me to be truthful in this case…, he claimed that he had observed that what ever I told him as a prediction almost always came true…, and so he “believed” (erroneously) that if I simply would not “Say something negative” about things he wanted to do in this case…, then things would be okay.

This naturally was ABSURD…, because what I was doing was “tuning” into the “situation” and then “seeing” it’s outcome before it took place.

A “gift” of GOD our loving father (if you will), and something I’ve had all my life.

Now…, you may ask me…, well if this is true…, then WHY can’t you use that “gift” to make money in your own life, and get things in order for yourself at this time??

The answer is simple:

I have become a “target” of extreme harassment by “agencies” and “private contractors”…, whose only job is to use super advanced methods to interfere with and ruin peoples lives!

It is the:


I am not the “only one” who has been put into this situation by the way…, I am just one of many!

Many people who have “insider” information…, and who have stood their ground against the CABAL…, have been “black listed”…, in very strange ways that most people could never “imagine”, because it seems this type of thing is just not possible…, but I assure you they are very real.

There is such a thing as a “NO WORK LIST”…, where someone who is a target can try all they want to get work…, but their phones are tapped…, and e-mails are being read…, and since almost ALL of the good jobs in the world are “corporate”…, every single move that a “targeted person” makes is beings watched.

Then, one simple “phone call” or a “visit in person” to the hiring department insures that the “target” simply will not get the job!

Just “imagine” if you will how many people…, and how many “man hours” it takes to completely surveil and watch (like babysitting) a single persons entire life!!

But this is not the “end of it” for the CABAL.

The “phone companies are involved in the effort as well”!

AT&T…, VERISON and all of these other phone companies…, are under the THUMB of the CABAL.

So, even if a “targeted” person uses his own initiative to start up a business…, (and not go the corporate route) and then puts out an ad for his business…, the phone companies…, which KNOW the “targets” phone number…, will simply make certain that very “few” phone calls ever make it through their NET.

They don’t stop all of them…, just most.

They are “ordered” to do this…, and like good Illuminati minions…, they comply.

This is the level of interferance it has come to…, and people NEED to understand how bad it has gotten in the battle of light vs. dark…, or good vs. evil.

Because of what I stand for…, (telling the TRUTH at all costs) I have become an “OPERATIONAL TARGET”…, for very intensive “frequency bombardment” and real time gang stalking by sophisticated and (secret) means.

Sadly…, if one single human being (like me) is constantly under the thumb of a literal ARMY of ignorant men and women who work only for a “paycheck”…, and don’t give a rat’s bottom as to whether they have to “survail”…, “harrass” …, “interfere with” or “torment” other human beings in order to get that “paycheck”…, then it does become difficult to say the very least…, to use my GOD given gifts to live a stable life.

Even Jesus could not do it under such circumstances!


That’s all it is to them…, and “winning” is the ONLY goal!

I’m on the “other team”…, the one that is opposing theirs…, and that is all they can see!

It is ME, vs. THE CABAL


So…, in keeping with our “Football Analogy”…, in a manner of speaking…, “I have the football”…, and they “see it” as their job to tackle me!  (Get me down no matter what it takes).

The problem is that for much of my life…, no matter how many different people they sent into the game (under fair rules of play) to “take me out” and to “get me down”…, it would never work.

As long as they “kept to the rules” of the game they would LOSE…, and GOD would see to that!

Enraged by this…, and being wholly psychopathic and determined that EVIL if far stronger than GOOD…, (and wanting to prove that) they decided to CHEAT!

Imagine if you will…, one guy on the football field…, (who has the ball…,) and the entire OTHER TEAM can not tackle him or bring him down.  He just keeps going…, and is outstanding in his game play.

So the CABAL, being quite frustrated…, and having NO BELIEF in fair play…, rules.., ethics or morals…, simply places far MORE MEN on the playing field than the other team has.

In other words…, they use EVERY method available to them to CHEAT.

In this case…, imagine a football game where one guy has the ball…, and “can’t” be tackled by normal means…, and so instead of “accepting that”…, and marveling at how the good the player is…, the CABAL puts 500 people on the playing field…, which basically amounts to a “500 against one” sort of thing…, in order to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO INSURE THEIR VICTORY AND TAKE ONE GUY DOWN!


They see themselves as “deserving” of victory no matter what…, and therefore “stacking the deck” and “rigging the game”…, has become standard operating procedure in everything they do now!!

They have proven this over and over again in the World Banking System…, in the Courts…, in the Military…, in the Political Realm, in the Schools and Universities…, in the Media…, and in absolutely every single issue our entire planet is facing at this time!!

Only a truly BLIND MAN can not see this is what is has come to!

It is a no hold’s barred…, and ALL OUT ATTACK in order to “win the game”!  Because they can’t do it fairly (and they know that)…


There is no honesty…, no rules…, no fair play…, and no MERCY for anyone not on “their team”!

This is why they developed MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES…, and their frequency based weapons…, which I believe have came about after seeing they could NEVER get to their goal without them.


Weak…, cowardly…, sycophantic…, and twisted…, the ONLY way they can insure victory for themselves…, is to amass huge armies of ignorant and dumbed down human beings who are willing to do just about anything for a “paycheck” …, and then do a 500 against one “gang up attack” on very good souls who came here to do the work of GOD our PRIME CREATOR!

So, for my readers who wonder about me.., and wonder why I continue to ask for their help financially…., let me say this:

Real Spiritual people are VERY POWERFUL indeed, but…, even Jesus could not “fight back” against the entire Roman Army.

The level of resovle that the CABAL has to be “perfectly evil” and bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER has no limit apparently.


Sadly…, in my opinion…, those men and women who are working for the side of goodness have NO RESOLVE at all.., in contrast to the CABAL at least.

When faced with a challange of principle as to whether they will take a bribe, or “amend” what they are doing for our CREATOR when they are intimidated or threatened…, 99 percent of them will “cave” to the pressure very soon if not immediately.


They don’t want to be in  “conflict” or in “confrontation” with anyone.

They run from that…, and so…, the type of world we are now living in is the perfect reflection of exactly this very type of thing occurring over the last several hundred years.

Our world today is the RESULT of good and decent people ALWAYS running for cover and selling out…,  the very moment they face extreme circumstances!

Now…, as all of my readers know…, I have chosen to stand my ground!

I have chosen to keep going and working for GOD…, no matter HOW many computers they ruin…, no matter how little sleep I get at night due to intensive microwave frequency bombardment…, and no matter how desperately they try to use their MIND CONTROL technology to “hack into my mind”…, which believe me…, they really are trying to do!

I have chosen to keep going no matter what…, but I do need YOUR HELP!

Like I did last year…, I am going to do a month long “fundraiser” to see if I can make it easier to keep going…, and get enough money together to continue to do this work through the summer and fall.

If anyone has ever come to my blog to read…, and have found help here…, then I would please ask that you send a love donation if you can do so.

I will help immensely to have a cushion of funds so that I don’t have to constantly worry.

I do have about 20 people who have been helping me financially, and do send regular donations…, but this amount unfortunately does not come close to cover basic costs.

For the next 30 days…, (if you can) please think about helping financially with a love donation that will really help for an extended period.  (IF you can!!)

You can send these donations to me at Paypal!

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All my love….

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