By: Bradley Loves

Traditionally, today is the day Americans honor those who were willing to “fight” for Freedom!

Although many of the most recent “wars” America has been involved in are not fighting for the Freedom of Americans, this does NOT mean that at one time…, battles were not fought for REAL freedom!

Anyone who is following Anna Von Reitz knows that horrible things have happened that have clouded and obscured what America was meant to be and supposed to be.

But I would like to say that there are still (a few) good men and women who are fighting for REAL FREEDOM!

It is those men and women who need to be honored today.

These men and women may be fighting battles against certain ET’s or Alien species…, which if given the chance, would literally EAT human beings.

There are others who have fought off GIANTS (see Steve Quayle) and other demonic things that go “bump in the night” that most people have no clue about.

These are the true heroes because they DO actually protect humanity.

It is “tragic” that those who claim to be in charge think so very little of humanity that they can not tell us the TRUTH!

If there is a DARK BLOTCH upon the heroic efforts of those who fight for Freedom…, that blotch comes from the higher ups who have CLASSIFIED every single damn thing happening in and to this world.

THEY are not heros…, they (hopefully) will end up in the deepest pit of HELL!



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