By: Bradley Loves


The brand new United States Space Force has just released its OFFICIAL LOGO!


Many people who are deeply into Sci-Fi, and who watch a lot of Star Trek are claiming that it is a “rip-off” the Official Insignia of Star Fleet Command!

And thus, they have started “whining”… BIG TIME.

Just smart enough to notice the obvious, but too blind to look deeper…, these “Trekkies” have forgotten about TIME TRAVEL and QUANTUM ACCESS!

What if it is actually the other way around?

What if – the writers of Star Trek simply “stole” the Official Insignia of the United States Space Command?

Or even better, WHAT IF  by using Quantum Access – Looking Glass Technology – they had insider access to future events and used that to write scripts and stories based upon REAL EVENTS that were known to be taking place in the future?

Which one REALLY came first?

I told you in my last post that Quantum Access really messes with your head and what you think of as real – because future information has been Time Traveling into the past for quite some time now!

To back up this assertion – here is the Official Logo of the AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND which was founded in 1982!

See this pertinent history HERE:

Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) was a major command (MAJCOM) of the United States Air Force from September 1982 to December 2019.  On 20 December 2019, concurrent with the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020, it was re-designated as the United States Space Force to stand up a new sixth service branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for space warfare.[5]

AFSPC had its headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base and supported U.S. military operations worldwide through the use of many different types of space operations. More than 38,000 people performed AFSPC missions at 88 locations worldwide; including military personnel of the USAF, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard; Department of the Air Force civilians (DAFC); and civilian contractors.


Just so that we are clear – Star Trek – The Next Generation – did not start filming until 1987 – and ended its original television run in 1994!  It is far more likely that the writers of Star Trek were using “OFFICIAL” Space Command Insignia for their fictional series – and not the other way around!

As Phil Corso Jr. once said in a speech he gave in Washington DC – TIME HAS BEEN COMPROMISED – that is all you really need to know!

Phil Corso Jr. – son of Colonel Philip Corso of Army Intelligence.

This is the BIG SECRET – according to Corso – and is far bigger than any secret about UFO’s and Alien Beings visiting the Earth!

Time to put on your “BIG BOY” and “BIG GIRL” pants people – things are about to start getting weird!


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