By: Bradley Loves


In response to the article that I just wrote this morning, one of my readers – MIA – sent me this video! I am very grateful because of what it contains!

In the video is a graph of the ENTIRE WORLD STRUCTURE.

The paper map is about 6 feet long – and 3 feet wide and is shown laying on the floor!

The information it contains – according to the woman who is doing the video is EXACTLY what I was told by Shane Bales – aka “THE RUINER” a few years ago.

Shane told me that the DRACO took over the entire world (by invitation) of the idiot men and women who were living on the Earth at that time.

In order to either “win” a WAR or to avoid one…, the entire planet was put up as collateral!

That was over 16,000 years ago!

The Draco created 21 people called:  PARENTS who created 21 different MAGICAL COVENS – Dark Magic to rule over their respective  “FAMILIES”.

See these two blog posts:


The “PARENTS” were “taught” by the Draco how to extend their lives indefinitely and the oldest “Parent” living on Earth is somewhere around 13,000 years old at this time.

These “parents” were the old version of Human Being that used to live on Earth…, who were not “genetically” messed with.

See the video – it is CLOSE to the real truth:

These are the “people” running the Earth…, NOT…, the mid level management we see on TV.

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