This is a great video to watch.  I recommend it.  I’ve been having on going trouble with my blog site, and my ability to post links.  I’m trying to solve the problem.

At the very end of the video…, he gets into “money” and banking.  I’m glad he does because he vocalizes my thoughts perfectly that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF EVIL AND ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS.

Watch and you’ll see that he phrases this eloquently and very calmly.

My way is a little more “in your face”…, only because it “pisses me off” that so many New Agers have for so long DEFENDED MONEY by saying that “GOD” wants us to have money, even going so far as give us visualizations in order to help us amass wealth and money which is supposedly a wonderful thing.

Money is the root of all of our problems!

For far too long…, the New Agers have twisted the truth to suit an agenda which does NOT reflect our interests.  It is my sincere belief that many of these so called “ascended masters” are in fact nothing more than controller “gods”  (small g thank you) and are the OFF WORLD version of our on world illuminati controllers.

The New Agers.., are still (even today) BEING CONNED.

If I were a betting man…, THATS where I’d place my bet!!!

Watch the Vid

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