By: Bradley Loves


Mike Adams of Natural News has finally come to the place in his mind where I was at 20 years ago!

That is NO JOKE.

I was wondering when humanity would finally catch up…, and I guess I’m just 20 years ahead in my thought processes.

See THIS article:

Here’s what happens when you tell the truth in America

For your information, I could “SEE” (It’s called VISION) this coming 20 years ago.  I started to write about it then in what I hoped would be a book.  (It was never published however).

Back when all the New Agers were talking about just ignoring and forgiving it all…, I could see the Satanists giggling in the background and moving their ARMIES of followers into position for the final PUSH against humanity.


I already KNEW the MEDIA was our enemy AND that nothing we were being “taught” was the TRUTH.

See this part of Mike’s aritcle:

If you’re ever wondered what happens to you when you tell the truth in America, I’ve posted a podcast that details the stunning sequence of attacks that will target you to silence your words.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re telling the truth about vaccines, Big Pharma, the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex, the filthy food industry, toxic pesticides, corrupt doctors or the LGBT / pedophilia agenda… you’ll be treated in exactly the same way.

You will be de-platformed, shadowbanned, smeared, defamed, blacklisted, vilified and your platform will be demonetized. You’ll be de-listed by Google, banned from Twitter, demonized by the corrupt medical system and slandered as a fraud


Here is more:


They” don’t want you to be armed with knowledge of any kind. Almost everything you are taught by the establishment is “fake knowledge” or “anti-knowledge.” Facts are the enemy of the global elite, and the mass awakening to which we have contributed over the years is the single greatest threat to the globalist stranglehold over human consciousness and human progress.

Every person who attempts to awaken or empower human beings must be destroyed in order for the satanic globalist agenda to succeed.

That’s why every voice of truth must be silenced, so that the entire internet is dominated with lies and deliberate disinformation, trapping human beings in a cycle of ignorance and servitude, a prelude to your destruction.


All I can say is Welcome Mike Adams!  Welcome to the place where I was 20 years ago! Welcome to the realization that every single New Ager is so desperate to IGNORE – TURN AWAY FROM – and DENY!

Now…, how much longer will it take before another human being comes to join the two of us???

Maybe another 20 years?

Will there still be an America in another 20 years?

How nice it must be for people to SLEEP WALK right into their own ENSLAVEMENT!


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