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I posted my “take” on the Inaguration of Donald Trump…, and what I thought was important to note.

In all fairness to the New Age (which is a major force for the stupidity we see in the world)…, I thought I would post the opposing view…, posted on one of the most unapologetic and unabashed supporters of CHANNELED NEW AGE TEACHINGS and of Barack Obama that exists…, which is

True to it’s nature and it’s leanings…, a very “different” type of perspective on Trump and Obama was put out for public consumption!

It was that Trump was one of the most “un-presidential people” to ever take the office…, while Barack Obama was one of the most “loved” Presidents ever.

This perspective, I can comfortably say, (because I always read BOTH SIDES) has come directly from CHANNELED TEACHINGS!

Those in the New Age…, who listen to channeled messages, have been bombarded with “messages” from the “beyond” for 8 long years telling them that the “SOUL” of Obama is some “great chosen leader” and needs their total and unquestioning support NO MATTER WHAT!!

This is MIND CONTROL at is best and finest!

No one who follows New Age teachings therefore could see ANY LIE or ANY DECPETION on his part…, for what it really was.

Here in it’s fullness, is the perspective of some who really cared for Obama, and is clearly disgusted with Donald Trump (calling him an “un-presidential being”.)

Taken from here:


Inauguration Day
January 20, 2017

by Suzanne Maresca

I’ve watched the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Leading up to this moment, my thoughts on the subject had been mostly on the side of amazement and humor. This entire U.S. Presidential Election scenario has bordered on the hilarious in my view.

Here it is that we get to trust in the Divine Plan, and know that whatever happens is in perfect Divine Order. I suppose even the Democratic party, with their machinations and abuses coming so clearly to light, they play their role in this unfolding, too.

Watching the inauguration though, I was picking up on a deep and profound collective sadness. I watched President Obama take a deep breath and close his eyes, and I could just imagine the flood of emotions coursing through his field.

He truly did what he could in his 8 years in the White House to make this country a better place. To see it turned over to this perceived wild card, non-governmental unit is really just unimaginable to me.

If you’ve ever played a game like World of Warcraft, you’ll get this next.

The inauguration coverage started with the familiar faces of some of our members of congress issuing forth from Capitol Hill. I was reminded of demons spilling out from The Dark Portal. Just sayin’.

Now as I write, the new president has been sworn in. It’s hard to picture a more UN-presidential being.

But here’s an interesting thing. These energies have been quite conducive to a more unhindered flow of light/information for virtually all of us. Our perceptions about what we can do are expanding practically by the minute, and there have been many powerful and unified prayers uttered invoking a Trump presidency that’s everything we hope for and nothing that we fear.

He did say some good words in his acceptance speech, for sure. He does seem to like to repeat himself quite a bit but the point was made that U.S. government would from this moment forward be one that actually is for, of and by We The People.

What I wonder is though, (among lots of other things) when he says things about bringing all our manufacturing and purchasing back into the country…is he willing to divest himself of all the business he does already that’s counter to those stated ideals?

Perhaps none of that matters.

I’ll create lots of space for good and wonderful things to happen.

And here’s a weird little aside. The coverage I was watching at one point showed a man in a turban, who struck me as looking a lot like a young Omar Sharif. In that instant I flashed on Linda Dillon’s description of Ashira.

I’m taking that as notice (and I’ll call it tangible) that our Human energy work is not the only positive force at play in how this administration unfolds…for however long it lasts.

So yes, I am indeed sad to see my favorite First Family go on to other things. I won’t be giving in to fear for our future because of our new Commander in Chief. Maybe I haven’t taken it in yet…I’m not really sure.

Perhaps the best thing we can do to assure a positive outcome here is to keep our thoughts on what we love and what we want. I don’t think that many would argue that a wrecking ball might be just what the doctor ordered

These New Agers…, have NO CLUE who Obama really was…, and that he LIED even about his own sexuality!

Even if they were to NOW BE TOLD that he really was GAY…, would they believe it if their Channeled Entities did not first “confirm it” for them??

Many people heard directly from the Mainstream Media that Obama’s very first destination after the Donald Trump Inaguration…, (On Air Force Two) with Michelle (Micheal) was to go to PALM SPRINGS, CA.

Look it up if you don’t believe me.

For those of you who don’t know…, Palm Springs, California  (After San Francisco) is one of the most openly GAY…, and openly GAY SUPPORTING cities on Earth.

There are MORE private Nudist/Gay Resorts in Palm Springs than in any other place on the Earth.  And Barack and “Micheal” will be partying it up with friends and people of “LIKE MIND” for the next few days…., now that he is no longer “President”.

Look…, I’ve been there…, I KNOW what’s there…, So…, “IF” you have not personally been to Palm Springs and the surrounding area…, and checked out the neighborhood for yourself…, then you really can’t say anything…, can you?

Just Google…, Palm Springs…, and GAY MENS RESORTS…, and you’ll see pages and pages of ads.

Now…, you may think that by writing this post…, I am “against” Gays…, and this NOT the case at all…, I’m merely saying that NO ONE should be allowed to LIE to the world, and to parade around in front of the camera as ONE THING…, when they are something else!


And the New Agers would do well to get this THROUGH THEIR HEADS!

Here once again is Joan Rivers…, telling us the TRUTH about Obama!  Sadly…, she was killed a few days later for saying this!!

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