By: Bradley Loves

If you watched the ENTIRE video that I posted HERE, then I invite you to read this commentary! If not…, please go back and watch the video.



The level of criminality happening here on the Earth has now gone so far passed the DESPOTIC IDEA of World Wide domination and Control…, where things like Money, Land, Power and Riches are lusted after…, that these old levels of criminal endeavor now seem like the harmless games of 3 and 4 years olds.

The idea of LOVE…, and of a CREATOR GOD…, has been thrown once and for all into the TRASH BIN, and replaced with:  There is nothing (NOTHING) that I will not do…, there are NO LIMITS and NO BOUNDRIES which can not be crossed…, and there is NO LEVEL OF ENSLAVEMENT which will not be fully realized.


What most people reading this article still (to this day) do not realize…, ESPECIALLY if they frequently listen to, or read channeled messages…, is that there are SOME THINGS which are just so OFFENSIVE TO THE CREATOR, that they are non-forgivable.

The complete “taking over” of a human beings MIND…, and then CONTROLLING THAT MIND…, so that all FREEWILL is nullified is one of the very few things in the COSMOS that will be dealt with by sending of these beings directly into the CENTRAL SUN!

They (as beings) will be totally erased and re-formatted.

Yes…, to forgive is a good thing…, and there are an INFINATE number of things that can and should be forgiven!  But the utter and complete takeover of a human life by technological means (where there has been NO CONSENT given) for such a takeover…, is NOT one of them…, and  has crossed the line of NO RETURN.

Any…, and Every human being working with, in, for and beside this type of Agenda should realize on what type of perilous ground they are walking.

This is why (in my opinion) almost all of the these men and women have turned to LUCIFER or SATAN!  They have become Pedophiles, Satan Worshippers and the like because they suppose that there is some sort of MAGICAL way to cheat GOD!

Like terrified children who have gone really bad and yet are scared of the punishment of their parents…, these men and women work day and night with Dark Magicians and Satanists in order to see if there is a way in which they can “dodge” or postpone the ultimate CONSEQUENCE they will get for participating in such agendas!

They have taken the position that there is much more they want to know how to do (on the dark side)…, but also know that the LIGHT and PRIME CREATOR has lines which can not be crossed.  And so…, just like the EMPEROR said in the Star Wars Movie to Anakin Skywalker…, there are certain powers you will just NEVER learn from a Jedi.

In order to learn these things one must go to the extreme dark side…, which naturally those who crave absolute power over the entire universe eventually do.

Sadly, they do this because they choose to be AT WAR with GOD or PRIME CREATOR!

The havoc that they wreak upon the physical plane almost seems as if it is a hated filled punishment they are directing backward toward GOD, or PRIME CREATOR for ever putting them here.

Such is their hatred and their feelings of abandonment…, that they pursue any and every means at their disposal to attack what he created including human souls.



They are the ones who can NEVER AGAIN come back to the light because they have (of their own FREEWILL) disconnected themselves from THE CREATOR.

They have transgressed against the very physical Universe that GOD created for the experience and the growth of REAL SOULS, and are trying desperately to co-opt and stall the progress of each and every soul that enters into the physical realm by melding their beings with frequency technology.

There is no way a soul can LEARN ANYTHING if his or her MIND has been hacked by technological means.  The injection of Nanites into the blood, and the control of these Nanites by electro – magnetic frequencies is stepping on the Creators toes in a way that is not allowed.


My request is that if you KNOW of any human being who is stupidly working for the government and involved in this type of technology or agenda…, (and if you care at all for their soul) then have a conversation with them and tell them how EVIL this stuff really is…, and just where they could end up if they don’t stop now!

All my love…




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