By: Bradley Loves

Source: The American Mirror


The headline you see below basically says “everything” I have been trying to teach my readers for the past 3 years!

The Globalists/Satanists know “exactly” what a church is, and what a church does!  This is why it is imperative that “Resistence to Donald Trump” has to become a “CHURCH”.

It is highly unlikely that the man who suggested this had not PLANNED his statement very carefully.

MSNBC MORNING JOE: Trump resistance ‘has to become a church’


NO ONE who goes to “church” is allowed to question the belief system that the church perscribes.  No one who participates in the rituals of the mass, or in the proceedings is ALLOWED to stand up and say:  I DON’T AGREE WITH THIS PART OF IT!

No one who is part of a “church” is allowed to have a personal opinion about how the church thinks and operates.


You are given your “beliefs” and you are not allowed to QUESTION THEM.

You are expected to participate, and DO exactly what you are told to do without any THINKING going on about what you are actually doing, or what you are being asked to do!


They will tell you:

Here are the “beliefs” that you must hold and have…, and here are the rituals and sacrifices that we make…, and because you are IN THIS CHURCH…, you must follow along, or LEAVE!

This guy…, Giridharadas…, who is seen in the video at the link provided knows EXACTLY why resistance to Donald Trump must become a church…, and it has nothing to do with love and compassion.

He said his remark in the context of trying to get Liberals out in the streets and seeking CONVERTS!

(As if the only purpose of a church is to drag in new members!)

But, even within the context of what he said…, I still think his remarks were very carefully PLANNED.

By telling the liberal or progressive left that RESISTENCE MUCH BECOME A CHURCH…, it is “signaling” (code if you will) that there is NO ROOM ANYWHERE on the left to disagree or to hold an opinion other that what the left says you can have!

We have already seen this happening in countless ways, inside the daily happenings of America.

Progressives are basically being TOLD…, there is NO ROOM for diversity of opinion…, it is either OUR WAY…, or the HIGHWAY.

Therefore…, go out and get converts…, and bring them into OUR CHURCH!

This single idea has EVERYTHING to do with getting rid of ALL THINKING and making certain that any free thought is STOMPED OUT PERMANENTLY.

This man (very cleverly) called people out in the new year to bring in many new followers, and gave them the exact description of what kind of thought system they are proselytizing for…. A CHURCH OF VERY RIGID AND DEFINED BELIEFS.

It’s almost a work of ART…, how subtly he does this.

Still, for those of us who are AWAKE…, he got CAUGHT red handed!


All my love….

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