By: Bradley

As I’ve said before, no matter how well I write an article, and how perfectly I correct it, it seems as if there is a “Ghost in the Machine”.

In my opinion, we are dealing with some kind of Rogue A.I.

The moment I press the PUBLISH button, tiny changes always get made to the post from the way it was.

I can even correct a word or a phrase a couple of times to no avail.

Let me put it this way.

If there is such a thing as A.I., (and it has a personality), it would be the personality of a bratty little 3 year old that wants its OWN WAY all the time, is totally spoiled, likes to play pranks and games, but hates to lose.

It is the kind of 3 year old that is every parents NIGHTMARE, and I think the internet is infected with just such a virus!

(My Opinion)

But it seems to be the case!


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