By: Bradley Loves


Like the proverbial Pilgrims who wanted to start over, and travel to a new world in order to get a better life for themselves and for their families…, Americans are being faced with a similar scenario in every way.  Oppression, Lies, Injustice, and ultimately Tyranny are on the “menu” in the up and coming New World Order.

So what will you do if it comes to that?    How does a person start over?

Unlike the Pilgrims, who knew exactly what they needed to do to survive, and had TOOLS and SKILLS at their disposal to “create” a better life for themselves.  Modern day men and women have NO REAL SKILLS!   Unless you call sitting at a desk and working on a computer and reading articles a “SKILL”.

This is why most Americans are DEPENDANT (like little children) upon Government and are therefore (realistically) totally unwilling to take ANY ACTION what so ever to stand up to it and “force” it to be accountable!

They are unwilling to bite the hand of mommy and daddy government because they can not take care of themselves!

So what am I really talking about here?

Lets do an “accounting” of what I mean when I’m talking about REAL WORLD SKILLS.

I’m in my early 50’s now and grew up on a farm far away from the city in the 1960’s. So as I grew up…, my parents had cows, pigs, and chickens around.  I “understand” how to take care of such animals and have done so.  My friends had horses…, so I know how to ride them and care for them.

I learned how to shoot guns and hunted as a young teenager.  I have shooting skills that rival any cop and most basic military people simply because it was part of my early learning and training.

Even my grandmother owned a rifle…, and told stories of how she was a “dead eye” with it when she was young, bragging she could drop a gopher running alongside the road, from a moving car with only a 22 in her hands.

My Dad…, being a farmer grew crops and needed help…, so I learned how to drive large trucks, tractors and other equipment.  I learned all of this between the age of nine and twelve.  I was working full time by the time I was 13 years old.

I learned how to use mechanical tools, and to do large and small equipment repairs, and have rebuilt more than one engine.  My grandparents grew a very large garden and when I was young, I helped plant the seeds and care for the plants that grew.  In the fall…, there was “canning to do” and I learned that process as well.

I learned how to weld, and in the process of doing construction have created structures by knowing that skill.

When I was 19 years old I learned how to fly a plane…, only so that I would never be afraid of not having that skill.  I could land any plane even today if the need came up.

Because construction was my chosen profession, I have “taught” myself every skill as part of that job.   This includes concrete foundations, framing structures, Windows, doors, and roofing.

In addition to that, I taught myself to be an electrician, a plumber, all about air conditioning, as well as how to be a tile layer, and a wooden floor installer.  I can build an entire house from start to finish.

But it does not end there.  I’ve taught myself medical procedures and first aid, have saved a life or two…, and taught myself all about health and cooking in order to maintain good health.

I’ve studied history, physics, math, religion, psychology and all of the super secret CRAP going on in our world…, spoken to countless military men, agents, and people who have worked in secret projects…, and at 53 years old, started to teach myself all about computers…, and how to run a blog, only so that I could write these articles that I am currently writing and so that I could help others to understand WHAT was really going on in our world.

(Only since NO ONE ELSE was doing it)

You see…, I am NOT worried about myself!  I KNOW how to survive!  The people that I’m worried about are the men, women and children of our beloved country and of our world who HAVE NO SKILLS!  They have taught themselves nothing meaningful that would help them to survive if the “power” ever went away, and they were left to fend for themselves.

Too many of these people think that driving a car on the freeway in order to go to work in an office is a SKILL.

Newsflash…, ITS NOT!   That is NOT a survival skill!

They have taken the SPOON FED “lifestyle” that was  hand crafted for them by the Rockerfeller Foundation in the early 1930’s so that when THIS VERY TIME in history came to pass…, (which was most certainly planned) they would be able to DO NOTHING to help themselves survive in a destabalized and crashing world without GOVERNMENT HELP.

Short sighted and far too trusting…., they allowed themselves to be led down a path which was NOT in their best interest, and now are totally DEPENDENT.

In addition…, older men and women who have worked their entire lives for cities, and counties, and were “promised pensions” are seeing those pensions dissolved and taken away from them right at the very moment they are retiring and needing them the most.

Just ask the people of Detroit how their PENSIONS are doing!

Yes…, they sat at “desks” all their lives and served the CORPORATE SYSTEM…, a SATANIC SYSTEM…, which was DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY to keep human beings from learning too many SKILLS that would help them to survive without being  dependent upon fascists and tyrants.

This was done in order to bring back modern day slavery and serfdom.


What is it going to take for you to realize once and for all that these people…., these so called “AUTHORITY FIGURES” who are making decisions for your lives…, are NOT YOUR FRIENDS?

Why do you even care about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who could literally care LESS ABOUT YOU?

No one is going to take care of YOU…, but YOU!

I have been doing a daily blog for only about 2 years now.  And, I have dedicated my life to it for the moment.  I stopped doing everything else (partly because of agency interference in my work life) and started writing to EXPOSE what was going on in the world.

But I am under NO ILLUSIONS that this will continue indefinitely, and when it’s over…, I will move on…, and most likely never write another word ever again.

I am in the process of Archiving everything I write so that future generations will be able to access it (IF THERE ARE FUTURE GENERATIONS)

Like Mark Passio says…, I am NOT doing this because I want to…, but because I believe I have an actual OBLIGATION to teach others what I know.

In a time of Universal Ignorance and Deciet…, it is the job of those who KNOW…, to come forward and help their brothers and sisters (IF THEY CAN).

Mark Passio is correct and I can’t recommend his work enough.

Once the sh*t starts hitting the fan…, my TIME to help others will be up…, and my daily job of doing research and running this BLOG will be done!  I will leave it…, and will never look back.

But…, because of every single one of my REAL WORLD SKILLS…, I will survive!  Not only will I survive…, but thrive.  I can only wish the same for all of those younger people out there who have become so terribly dependent upon the powers that be, that they can’t see how they could ever live or survive without them.

My recommendation is this:  Go out tomorrow and buy the LONG VERSION of the Boy Scouts Handbook and read it!  It is filled with information on how to survive in ANY situation, and is probably the most valuable book in the world.  Teach yourself SURVIVAL SKILLS!

Here’s my last NEWSFLASH!

There are no “GALACTICS” who are ever going to “save us”!   No Blue Avains…, no Sirians…, no Pleidieans!   They may be real enough alright…., BUT…, if they were going to do anything at all to help us…, they’d have done it long ago!


The channeling community is suffering from both delusion and a child like naivete’, where just like little kids who are “told” that Santa Claus is real and brings them presents once a year, someone is “coming soon” to change everything for them and get rid of the big bad world leaders and install “new governance” for them that is FAIR and kind and loving!

This is never going to happen…, unless WE DO IT FOR OURSELVES.

Christians are still “waiting” for the SAVIOR to return…, and that CON has been ongoing for 2000 years.

This is why I recommend starting to LEARN some very real survival skills!  If you are a parent and have children…, start TEACHING THEM real things like how to build, how to fix, and how to plant and grow things…, and take away their TV’s and their Phones which are only there to “program their minds”.

My friends…, THINK on these things!  For now…, all my love…




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