By: Bradley Loves


So, here I am, thinking that few (if any) of my readers are ready for “deeper” truths, and out of the blue, comes someone called “anonymous” who shares a single, but VERY IMPORTANT piece of the larger puzzle that I have been sitting on!

Something that I discussed with Shane Bales (and others) and have come to realize is truly happening.

So, naturally, I’m impressed.

So, here is the link to the Youtube video that “anonymous” posted, as well as his “pastebin” link to his take on the video.


Now, since this rather obscure information has surfaced, I am willing to talk about it, but ONLY if my readers ask serious questions and want to know.

Otherwise, I will just let it wait!

I have been laboring for the last 3 years trying to get the Alternative Community to see past the “1st Grade Level”…, and here comes someone posting 4th grade stuff!

Who would have thunk?

Read the Pastebin article…, see what’s happening, and then watch the video.

If you are truly interested in the HIGHER LEVEL COSMIC CRIMES being committed against us all…, post some comments!

Let’s see how much people have WOKEN UP over the last three years since I started this blog!

All my love…


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