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So, here I am, thinking that few (if any) of my readers are ready for “deeper” truths, and out of the blue, comes someone called “anonymous” who shares a single, but VERY IMPORTANT piece of the larger puzzle that I have been sitting on!

Something that I discussed with Shane Bales (and others) and have come to realize is truly happening.

So, naturally, I’m impressed.

So, here is the link to the Youtube video that “anonymous” posted, as well as his “pastebin” link to his take on the video.


Now, since this rather obscure information has surfaced, I am willing to talk about it, but ONLY if my readers ask serious questions and want to know.

Otherwise, I will just let it wait!

I have been laboring for the last 3 years trying to get the Alternative Community to see past the “1st Grade Level”…, and here comes someone posting 4th grade stuff!

Who would have thunk?

Read the Pastebin article…, see what’s happening, and then watch the video.

If you are truly interested in the HIGHER LEVEL COSMIC CRIMES being committed against us all…, post some comments!

Let’s see how much people have WOKEN UP over the last three years since I started this blog!

All my love…


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  1. John

    Bring it on !
    This might bafle more ppl.
    I’ve been reading Wes Penre for years, and now he has a vid channel on youtube also.
    For those ready and willing :

  2. herb4brad

    More than interesting Bradley. Soul transference and hi-jacking the body that was destined for a particular soul is a concept that has inhabited my vast archive of ideas and intuitive concepts that I have retained over many years. Because of the soul that I am I seem to have attracted attention if I can put it that way. I remember years ago in the 70’s I was taking a nap and somehow “astral travelled” and I believe a hi-jack attempt by an entity from India happened. A cat meowed a loud warning and I avoided capture and recall hearing Hindu music. Could it have been a Hindu entity? I don’t know. I did not have a cat but it was certainly a cat that my soul was familiar with. Probably from a time in the future. Another time a few years ago when I had already started seeing amazing geometric shapes before my eyes which intelligently followed what ever caught my interest I had a sort of dream. I know it was not a dream. I seem to have been receiving a Mayday message from a collective of trapped souls. Sad and pleading. When I was fully awake I thought I might write a book incorporating this SOS message. That night I went into a deep sleep and it seemed that I dreamed of a group of (probably men) in robes whose faces I could not see. They very gently persuaded me to not follow through on this book idea. The only name that still remains in my mind from my book inspiration is Shasta. As the man in the video eloquently states one cannot discuss these things with people as they will immediately call you crazy. So one usually kept these things to oneself. The video commentator has extremely magnetic eyes. Mesmerising one could say. Throughout the video his eyes were locked into yours. It almost seems as if he was downloading data from your mind. More magic yes!

  3. I’d like to know what happens to the soul from the body that has been taken over by the dark soul?
    Is this why all the evil of some of these people only comes to light when they have died?

    • Miles

      I would like to also know what happens to the soul of the person who is taken over by the dark soul. Is there a way to push out the dark soul and reclaim your body and soul?

      • It all depends on which “soul” is the strongest one!

        And this does not simply mean which soul is “nicer”! There are plenty of very dark souls who are very “strong”. If the invading soul is “stonger” than the soul who originally had the body…, the original soul will leave (die) and the invading soul will keep the body of the soul it stole it from.

        This is why certain people seem to change in a very short time…, and do a complete 180 from good to bad.

        “Good Souls” rarely try to steal a “bad persons” body.

        They just go to the CREATOR.

        BAD SOULS.., terrified of punishment…, hang out between Earth and the Other side and try to “obtain” a body (Steal it) in order to not have to face GOD.

  4. nateyad

    Wow this is exactly along the lines of what I have been researching lately! Another aspect of this could be that elites are using human bodies to use as vessels for conjured up demonic entities. And to do this they must defile Gods greatest creation ( Mankind) and create “abominations ” by mutilating their bodies as to create unholy vessels which are suitable for these evil entities. Also by parading these people in front of the masses they are covertly having people worship and compare themselves to these transgender abominations , which leaves real women trying to have that “perfect body” actually striving for a male figure and when they can’t achieve it end up shaming themselves for missing the unattainable mark.
    This topic has rocked me to the core and led to another complete reset and reevaluation of my world view based on the implications. This is so much bigger than I could have imagined!

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