By: Bradley Loves

My blog posts yesterday literally blew the lid off of thousands of years of DECEPTION!!

They basically unraveled level after level of lies, power trips and manipulations as if they were just a ball of yarn!

Not too many people spend their time reading here however…,  because the TRUTH is a tough sell.  People would rather be “lied to”…, and be cuddled in a warm blanket than have to face up to what is really out there!

If you don’t believe me…, just look at the tens of thousands of college students across America who literally needed to take several days off after Donald Trump was elected due to being “triggered” and having “stress” related issues.

(It’s just an “election” for crying out loud…, and we have them every two years and four years)

For college level students to have to resort to Play Dough, Lego’s, Teddy Bears, Hot Chocolate, Coloring Books, and Safe Spaces…, is as bizarre as anything we’ve ever seen in this country.

(Here is my plea to the rest of the world:  Please don’t laugh at us…, we’ve got a CHANNELING PROBLEM in this country)

However…, it does PROVE MY POINT!   Human beings who yell and claim to HIGH HEAVEN that what they want most of all…, is the TRUTH…, are basically being hypocrites and are lying to themselves!

For instance:

If you can’t stomach Pizza Gate…, which is really only scratching the surface of the abominable EVIL that is taking place upon our planet…, then you need to be put into a “bubble”…, just like the famous BUBBLE BOY…, so that none of the world can have an affect on you!

The problem with that is you can NEVER really remove yourself from the “frequency soup” that we all live in, and therefore you will be affected by it anyway.

Once again…, I totally blame the NEW AGE for creating this huge PROBLEM…., because it was that FAKE religion (started by Freemasons) that first suggested to everyone in the world that they should NEVER think of, or even address anything “negative”.

This is a “problem” that we didn’t need at this time in our history…, and it is adding to the extreme difficulties of what concerned souls are trying to do here!

This created a whole generation of helpless, weaklings, who now can not operate in the very absurd system that we are faced with having to dismantle.

How can you ever hope to clean up a garbage pile…, if you can’t stand to touch garbage??

The New Age gave us the exact opposite of what we needed to have right now here on Earth and what we needed was totally courageous…, DIVINE WARRIORS for the TRUTH.


We really needed, and still do need to have people who can face up to what is happening in the world.., and get in there and DEAL WITH IT!

Don’t you dare tell me this is not what has happened…, because we’ve seen how the college students…, (in huge numbers)  “handled” the Donald Trump election.

I blame the “Channelers” especially…, who have yet to post ANYTHING of value or use in the “fight” of putting down the DARK CABAL…, and have instead…, been an integral part of helping to create a generation of “weenie babies”  who can’t operate in the very fast changing world around them.

Here is a word of advice for these Channelers and the “Entities” that they channel:

If you can’t find it in your beings to start HELPING to solve the problem…, then keep your “Channeled” opinions to yourself…, and STOP HURTING the process of putting this planet back together again!!

The CABAL has to be taken DOWN!  It will never turn to the “GOOD” and will NEVER turn to the “LIGHT”!

I’ve proven beyond all doubt (over the last many articles posted) that the CABAL actually considers itself to BE THE LIGHT and the GOOD!!

What part of this don’t you understand?? 

They see “us” as evil…, and themselves as RIGHTEOUS!

Therefore…, they see anyone who stands against them as EVIL…, and as a CRIMINAL!

This is why “Truth Tellers” are going to jail in droves! 

Get this through your foggy, channeled entity ridden heads!!

They are NOT going to “turn”…, so they need to be taken DOWN!


My point is clear.


We need every capable young man and woman to be able to pick up where the older generation is leaving off…, so that they can STAND UP TO these satanists and save this Planet for future generations!

Do you want to know who reads my blog every day??

The Agencies and the Military…., that’s who!

The reason they read my blog…, is that instead of posting “fluff”, “feel good cuddly stuff” and Channeled Messages (Read: Coloring Books, Hot Chocolate, and a warm Blanket…)  I’m posting the TRUTH!

More Coming…










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