By: Bradley Loves

Remember the words given to us by  Phil Corso Jr. in one of his lectures:

There is only one thing you need to know…, TIME HAS BEEN COMPROMISED…

This next video…, once again concerns a “Time Travel Movie”…, and once again points to HIDDEN MEANINGS placed into movies.  Only this time…, exposing not what was to come…, but what had already occurred.

Could many of the Hollywood Movies we watch, be nothing more than HIGHLY encoded information…, on a scale was can not even comprehend?

Next, see this clip done by the very same researcher…

And this one as well….

Once you have watched all three videos…, there is a CLEAR CONCLUSION that the researcher is presenting for our consideration…, and that is this:

The MOVIE ITSELF…., BACK TO THE FUTURE was a hidden “celebration”  given to all of us in the form of a movie…, that indeed…, TIME HAD BEEN CONQUERED!

This was how the “TRUTH” was very secretly presented to the public…, but given to us in super obscure symbols…, and hidden deeply inside a MOVIE called:  BACK TO THE FUTURE.

A second explanation to the second video is that it is the ATOMIC BLASTS that indeed actually “ripped” a hole in the fabric of our dimensions!  Thus allowing the Gray’s (spiritual demons) to enter into our dimension in the first place.  This could be a veiled attempt in this TIME TRAVEL MOVIE to ask those from the past to NEVER DO ANY NUCLEAR TESTING…, as a way to change the time line, and to save ourselves from the GRAYS.

Alternately…, there is one other explanation to all of this:

The “Powers that Should not Be” are “scripting” events happening here on the Earth…, so far into the future…, with “CLOCK LIKE” precision…, that they can write about them 30 years in advance…, and know how to “predict” what they are going to do!”

Even if this is the case…, it simply means that EVERYTHING HAPPENING here on Earth is so totally and completely controlled…, that not a single thing happens anymore…, that is not planned decades in advance!

Which means again that EVERYTHING you see, and hear…, is a planned event…, and ALL OTHER COMMENTARY TO THE CONTRARY IS A TOTAL LIE!

Either way…, it’s TIME that we put a stop to these SATANISTS!


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