I am continuing today with MORE exposure videos.  Hang tight…, and be patient please!  This is all leading somewhere…, and to more EPIC articles!

There is a “method” to my madness!   You see…, people HAVE TO KNOW how pervasive and comprehensive the LIE actually is!

I’ve said for a while that EVERYTHING you were ever told was a lie!  NOW…, I’m PROVING IT!

Unlike those endless channeled messages which don’t provide a single ounce of evidence to support what they say…, and ask for your BELIEF…, I’m using an approach that simply says…, LOOK AT THE PROOF!  I very much like the guy doing these vids…, even though I am not a “christian” per se,  Instead…, I am a lover of GOD, and so is he.  His approach to truth does NOT preclude my listening to his words.


This next video…, we can see that something VERY odd is going on with TIME…, and we find that out in a TIME TRAVEL MOVIE!

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