By: Bradley Loves


David “Archuleta” was on American Idol 10 years ago in 2008!

10 days from June 4th, the day that my Declaration of Freedom and Removal of consent was Legally Recorded by a Clerk of the Court – is June 14th!

June 14th was Bryan Alexander’s Birthday!

Bryan Alexander was driven to Suicide by super Advanced “Voice to Skull Technology”  that was developed with the help of the Gray’s working at Dulce Underground Base – a Joint Human/Alien effort being that is being waged against Humanity!

Dulce Base is near “Archuleta” mesa

June 14th is ALSO Donald Trump’s  Birthday!

Exactly 7 days from June 14th was yesterday, June 21st!

Donald Trump is exposing the DEEP STATE – the henious murdering psychopaths who are responsible for the treaties with the Grays and for the incessant Child Trafficking – Gun Running – Arms Sales that pay for all of the BLACK PROJECTS!

Donald Trump has now been in office 17 months!

Today is June 22nd.

I just posted all of the links to my BIGGER FISH TO FRY SERIES – as of today there are 22 parts to the series!

22 = 11 + 11

There is FAR MORE…., want to guess?

Shall we PLAY a game?


A “wink” to the Time Travelers…….

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