Here is another good THREAD to look at:

1) Trump obviously knows what is happening and what is going to happen. He was flirting dangerously close with exposing too much and quickly said “let’s see what happens. It’s all gonna work out”. The negotiations are over. What you are seeing is THEATRE.

2) You’ve heard Sun Tzu talked about heavily. It’s the key to understanding how Trump operates. He doesn’t bring anything up in the media until the battle is already won. Then he gives a show of there being a struggle, when victory has already been secured behind closed doors.



3) How does Trump win every battle? Because he wins the battle before he shows up. White hats have already secured the situation in Iran. Instead of breaking the news immediately and let the media have their way with the story, Trump holds off, and writes his own story.

4) Trump will make it appear like there is a struggle, and he will once again come out the other side victorious and appear to be a master negotiator. While the dems/media will curse his every move. This is how Trump discredits the media and builds his approval. Controlled.

5) It’s ever so convenient that Iran shot down an unmanned drone. No casualties, but enough to justify Trump getting his hands a little dirty. This is theatre. It was planned. This is the “in” to allow airstrikes or other measures. I’m not sure what. But this is no accident.

6) Now the media will curse Trump’s every move and claim he’s leading us to nuclear war. The sky is falling. He’s literally Hitler. Etc etc. And Trump calmly smiles and says “Everything is going to be fine.” Knowing full well, this is all controlled.

7) Then Trump will peacefully yet forcefully come to terms with Iran. There will be no war. There may be airstrikes but there won’t be US casualties. Trump will get it done and the media will be caught with egg on their faces. Again. Trump will win. Battle is already won END/





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