This galaxy has some planets that are used to assist various forms of life through a certain stage of their development.

This is what your writer knows as Upbringing.

Our planet has been used for this function, over and over again, for millions of years.

Races evolve on other worlds and then are brought here by a group of races who work to assist the Progenitor race.  Progenitors  spark evolutionary leaps and monitor evolutionary development of new species and races. Once they reach a suitable point the Progenitors will ask one of their assisting races to relocate the species to a planet suitable for their Upbringing.
Often the race is aware of the reason for their location.  At times they are not but choose to go anyways. In some cases when dealing with hostile races this relocation is done by force and not invitation.

This planet has everything a race could need.  This is part of why our history is so confused.

Sometimes the race developing here learns to leave the planet.  Typically they will move on to a new world.

Sometimes they don’t. Once they have reached a point where they are no longer progressing the are moved to a new world.

When the majority leave some often stay behind if they can, although sometimes the process required to reset the planet so she can return to her natural state.

Same applies on other planets used for Upbringing.

We have reached a stage in our Upbringing where we are at a crossroad.  It’s about time we move on.  Still, there is work to be done first.  We can skip ahead and risk another cycle of control, or we can take a step back and correct our mistakes as to avoid once again falling under the control of others.  The Choice.
Specifically, we have to become a  sovereign race.  In order to do this we are going to have to overcome the Parents.  This is a task we are equipped but not yet prepared for.





Cults and Projects and Programs (Oh my)

Please, stop the fighting amongst yourselves.  

 You’ve all been reading here for the same reason. You know your writer even if you don’t know each other and the whole reason he has created this network for you, is so you can come together, because you asked him to.  Not so you can continue the same fights.  Not to save the world.  To save your own mind.  Disconnect it from theirs, and hopefully move on with your lives.

Whether you are in a cult, a project, or a program, you have all been a part of the same structure.  You are all members within the umbrella of the “Illuminati”.  All of you. ( Not just the cults.)

Your controllers are all the same people/ beings. This structure has been outlined.  Draco control Parents. Parents control Covens.  Covens control bloodlines and all cults, projects and programs.

Cultists, you do not know more than your counterparts in projects and programs. You’ve weaved their magic for them, but that is all.  Your lies have been different.

Project members, you do not know more than the cults or programs.  You may have had more influence on society, but that is all.  Your lies have been different.

Program members (you are the worst for this) you do not know more than the cults or programs. You may have had a lot of direct experience they have not, but that is all.  Your lies have been different.

None of you are in anyways more informed than the others. You’re all simply given a different set of lies.

Program members: your groups are by far the youngest.  You really think the last 50-100 years of playing with technology has taught us all more than the thousands of years the cults and projects have been active?  Please give your head a shake.  They set up the foundation you play upon now.  Everything you have done has been done long ago as well.

Project Members:  your groups have been told only what they need to know to carry out the actions you’ve been charged with.  You are likely the least informed but the most experienced.  Your work has changed and you are almost obsolete. 

Cultists:  the majority of what you believe is based on half truths. Which is why it doesn’t work for you.  Your function is to control minds and emotions, not provide information.  Conjurers.

The Parents do exactly as they are told by the Draco.

Covens do exactly what they are told by the Parents.

You have all been led astray just like the dead.   Even if you have witnessed  more, experienced more, had access to more, the entire reason this structure has succeeded for well over ten thousand years is:

You are all deceived in specific and strategic ways.

You know as well as your writer does the only reason this is even being written is that this structure is soon to be all that is left.

Did you ever question why all the deals for technology were being made despite having Draco tech all along?  Why did you have to recover all of the old broken toys and make them new, when your masters have some of the best toys in the galaxy?

The Parents have for the last 200 years been slowly developing their own methods of control.  The Draco have been indifferent to this, it does not matter to them.  The Parents have been setting up their own matrix and technology is their core.

They have been using all of you to achieve this.  You’ve done their work for them.   Running their simulations. Running their programs. Engineering their structures.  Testing their toys.  Developing their plan.

So stop the arguments.  Stop sending emails disputing each other.  Your writer knows, but does not care.  We have all been wrong about a great many things.

What is real, and what is not, will be obvious in a hurry.  Then we can all have a laugh about how wrong we were




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