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Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control

November 28, 2016


Athens, supposedly the cradle of Democracy, was the most perfect mind-control-based totalitarian state in Antiquity. 
Their sodomy-based mind control was the model for Illuminati control throughout history, including the British Empire and the United States today. 
“Only after seven years beginning before puberty were you entitled to citizenship.  But once you were received as such a citizen you no longer had any will of your own, your whole body and therefore your whole brain, your own soul was possessed by the state, exactly like in the MK-Ultra program of the CIA. ”
by Francis
Democracy is supposed to have been born in ancient Athens.  Many people say we should go back to the Athenian model of direct, not representative democracy.
However, only about 2% of the people  were enabled citizens. Most working people being either slaves, either, more frequently, guest workers. The whole of Attica comprised about 600 000 adults; there were maybe 6 000 citizens enabled to vote and discuss laws during the feast days, far less actually in daily practice.
But that is not the main point.  In order to be a citizen, you had, apart from descending from Athenian parents only (later on, that condition was relaxed so as to accept rich people from other cities as citizens of honour) and to undergo a kind of « education » (ago:ge:) but the term is very misleading.
The proper translation of « ago:ge: » is « initiation » in a very physical sexual sense : «pushing, goading into ».  You as a grown child and then as a teen-ager, for about 7-8 years in total, were entrusted to a state-appointed mentor who submitted you to anal coitus twice daily while you had to remain stoical.

The same mentor was also responsible for your military education, consisting in gymnastics and various other forms of training.
The aim of that sexual initiation was not to open you to newer and more delicate forms of pleasure and rapture, quite the contrary.  The aim was to destroy your individual personality, and replace it by the state’s mould as personified by the mentor’s.  If you slept with anybody else before finishing your cursus, you were eliminated for good from citizenship; you had failed your test.
Only after seven years beginning before puberty were you entitled to citizenship.  But once you were received as such a citizen you no longer had any will of your own, your whole body and therefore your whole brain, your own soul was possessed by the state, exactly like in the MK-Ultra program of the CIA.

That point is never told to college students.  But it must be known that most of so-called classical education as given to the European elite children from Renaissance onwards [has] been from a very early time devised under Illuminati supervision.
Even before the more official order of the Illuminati were founded in Bavaria : many Jesuits were already forming that power structure, who in Spain were known under the name of Alumbrados.  The cult that is rendered to Athens as the original beacon of Western Civilisation is a psy-op in great part, a very adroit move to turn as many children as possible against Christianity.  Athens was the city most responsible for the most perfect and enduring system of mind-slavery of the Antiquity.
Ho de:mos is ancient Athens did mean « the people » by no means whatsoever.  It could rather be translated by «  the party», in the Eastern European sense of the word, or « the gentry, the high class, the worthy ones ».  De:mos in classical Greek was clearly derived from the verb «daiesthai» meaning «to set apart» as in «party, apartheid», «to discriminate», «to classify, to sort out» as in «class», which verb fell into disuse at a later stage of the language while «de:mos» subsided quite in the same way «to part» is no longer a common English verb even though «party» is still in heavy usage more than ever.  They also quite often call themselves «hoi kaloi kagathoi» («bon chic bon genre» «the chic and preppy»).
It thus clearly meant anonymous government by an upper class of initiates forming one ruling totalitarian party.  Demotic, as to indicate a kind of language for instance, did not mean popular at all, it meant official, bureaucratic, controlled as opposed to poetical, creative, inspired or dialectical.
The modern thing that very explicitly imitated ancient Athenian education from closest is the one that used to be given to the young elite boys of the British Empire in the arch-select «Public Schools» under Queen Victoria : more an initiation into a club than an education proper, with homosexually-induced mind-control through sadomasochistic practices.


Make no mistake about it : MOST Athenian Greek pictures you can see in world-class museums if you care to ask to view their complete collections (as many pedophiles do and are shown on request if they do it with discretion) of vase paintings and frescoes about education or pedagogy are about pederasty, as MOST classical texts about Athenian or Athenian-style education were about boy love relationships first and foremost.  In that way they managed to have a whole elite class think according to the same format.  It worked so well it endured through the whole of Roman Empire for the richest Roman elite to have their sons educated in that way only.
Ancient Athens was not a city of art and culture, it was a city of banking, piracy, espionage and mind-control.
Athena, the city’s patron Goddess, was not synonymous with wisdom and arts, that is a very bowdlerized translation, in greater part influenced by the new meaning the Greeks words were to take in Roman mouths (a more sentimental people) and even more so when Christianity was to give the language a very brilliant second debut from the first century CE onwards : in 5th century Greek though, me:tis sophia did not mean wisdom, it meant cunning, the art of seeing without being seen, and of hiding and counterfeiting one’s emotions.
In the same way technai did not mean arts nor techniques nor technology, it meant dirty tricks as used primarily in war, in sea battles especially, and also in financial speculations.  The owl as an emblem both for the city and for the deity was as the night bird par excellence the symbol of espionage deciding about the city’s fortunes, of wars that were to be waged by deception first and foremost.
The Parthenon was first and foremost a bank, a treasury.  You deposited there your savings (very often booty from piracy) and were granted pensions from the state in return : since paper currency and paper cheques were not yet invented, since there was no common monetary system to the various Greek Cities, inter-city interest rates could not be charged, therefore offering life-long pensions for your offerings and deposits were the way interests would be paid to clients.
The only kind of usury that Solon managed to prohibit was inter-individual loans between Athenian citizens, so as to make usury a private state bank monopoly, not to do away with the love of interest charging as is commonly taught to college goers.
 He did not put an end to interest charging : for instance, private citizens were still encouraged to lend to strangers, in the same ways Jews are prohibited to charge interest rates from one another but encouraged to lend to non-Jews and ideally through the agency of one common big bank lending to other states, as the Parthenon did.
 One modern figure that managed to incarnate ancient Goddess Athena best through very specific neo-pagan rituals was none other than Margaret Thatcher, who managed to resemble physically to the sculptural ideal.  Athena as a virgin Goddess was the archetype of the woman who rather than marrying a man marries a wallet and refuse to her man all pleasures in bed (but gives her all the talent and luck he needs to be a better crook) and rather encourages him to go after boys to satisfy his urges.
 As England under Margaret Thatcher, Athens under Solon grew into the city most callous to the everyday needs of common people, it is one of the ancient cities most devoid of collective equipment such as baths, aqueducts, sewers (the one you can see today were built quite later by Romans as they had turned their city into their own child sexual tourists’ resort).  All big cities of antiquity had a minimal form of welfare for at least part of their not so well to do, in the form of food quite often.  Not Athens : if you were poor and were to die out of scarcity, that was divine judgement (ananke:).
–in response to my questions 
Whether there is a link between ancient Athens and Illuminati practices of today?  Calling it a link is just ridiculous : the Illuminati were then called the Order of Eleusis, and it exerted total control over every tiny thing on the Athenian territory.  Contemporary mind-control methods as are used by the CIA are but modern adaptations of timeless tricks as used to be used then.  Graduating into the Athenian de:mos was but the first degree of initiation, which was of pedophiliac nature : there were many other ones up to the top.

Athens was promoted to the status of cultural capital of the whole Hellenic world by Jewish initiative alone, through the agency of the society of Eleusis that acted both as a kind of CIA and Masonic Order. These people from without were not then called Jews because the very name of Jews was not yet introduced even in Hebrew proper to denote whom we nowadays call such, but they were already there.

Plato called them the Phoenicians, but these were very peculiar Phoenicians interested in the magical manipulation of all other peoples, not the mere merchants of Tyre, Sidon and Carthage.
Being a mentor, a paideraste:s entailed obedience to a somewhat higher degree where child sacrifice («paidothusis») was practiced in order to sort out the candidates capable of remaining stoical, and only those had the mandate and ability to impart their «gnosis» (improperly translated as knowledge, but rather meaning direct occult contact) by anal transmission (mere oral transmission of knowledge was mocked off as incomplete and giving right to no power).
 It must be noted that the Athenian «paidos» (youngster) was barred from any other sexual contact before his initiation was complete, if meanwhile he slept with one woman one single night, he was barred from all hope of becoming a citizen entitled to vote.  This is very important to mention because the future form of « democracy » The New World Order scheme intends to apply to all humanity, if they are to succeed, is that one : you are granted full citizen’s right only in as much you have surrendered the whole of your body and soul sexually, only if the whole of your subconscious is preprogrammed.
———–  Recently by Francis – Voodoo Adept sees Civil War 

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