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This is a letter written by Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation, and can be located here:

Explanatory Notes by Stan Tenen, written 2 December 2002
I think it would be helpful to fill in some background information, before presenting Mr. Melchizedek’s second letter.

Mr. Winter has tried to excuse his thievery and abuse of my work by claiming that he was only “sharing” information that I was trying to keep secret, because I was some sort of selfish and fanatically religious “Jewish priest keeping the secrets of immortality for the Jews alone.” (Several of Mr. Winter’s outraged and naive followers have self-righteously and innocently screamed this insanity at me personally on the phone.) It serves Mr. Winter when people think I am a fanatically religious Jew. Actually this has never been true.

It is true that I was first motivated to want to help to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict when I was in Jerusalem for the first time, and saw for myself that the situation was serious. I did not plan to be in Jerusalem. I was there on a fluke, because a friend had invited me to visit (in part to visit the world famous Bahai Shrine in Haifa) and because my work situation provided an opportunity for the first vacation I had had in 3-years. I also stopped in London and Paris – this was a vacation. – It was not some lunatic scene from the annals of a deluded person visiting Jerusalem and coming down with the well-known mental condition known as “the Jerusalem syndrome.” (I was offered a job in an optical-electronics start-up in Haifa, but I didn’t take it.)

Until Mr. Winter stole and bastardized my work, it didn’t occur to me that I was researching teachings that had been preserved by the dedicated efforts of people of faith and people of science for thousands of years – without myself giving them adequate credit.

Until Mr. Winter stole from me, it never occurred to me that I had a responsibility to respect the sensibilities and feelings of the communities of faith and science that had preserved the raw data I was working from.

In other words, I’m not a particularly good Jew (and I am not a Jewish priest, as Mr. Winter admitted in his Corrective Notice, even he knew this was untrue), but – because of the Golden Rule – and because Mr. Winter was stealing from me, I decided to “give credit where credit is due.” I decided – in the words of Jesse Jackson – to not just “talk the talk”, but to also “walk the walk.” And I decided to do this by honoring my family’s religion (which I previously paid no attention to) by not working on Saturdays and by eating (almost completely) vegetarian (so I would be honoring the kosher laws and eating healthy at the same time.)

This is the extent of my fanaticism: I take off one day a week and I eat healthy vegetarian food. Many millions of other normal, non-fanatic, believers and unbelievers, saints, sinners, infidels, scientists, agnostics, etc. etc. do the same thing.

I must admit that as a careful and skeptical scientist I am strict with the truth and integrity of my data and findings. It is just not possible to do good science that has real value in the world without telling the truth and standing up for the truth. All religions teach truthfulness, but this is not my reason for sticking to the truth, providing full and honest findings in context (that is the whole truth), and standing up for it. In science, misrepresentation and sloppiness with regard to the truth destroys credibility.

Because I went to the New York City public schools and did not have a religious education, I never paid much attention to religion and I knew nothing about theology. I studied just enough of the Hebrew alphabet to be able to read at my Bar Mitzvah, and then I had no other connection to anything religious – and I never looked back – until Mr. Winter’s thievery reminded me to “give credit where credit is due.”

There were more Native Americans from the Mohawk Nation and religious Catholics (who left school early on Wednesdays so they could go to parochial school) in my classes, than there were religious Jews.

Interestingly, Mr. Winter’s only education was in theology and psychology. Mr. Winter had a full religious education (and little other education.) Mr. Winter attended Catholic parochial schools and got his B.A. in Psychology – his only credential – at the Catholic University of Detroit. (Mr. Winter admitted under oath that he was lying when he claimed he did graduate work for Prof. Al Ax at U. Detroit, and he confessed that he did not do any other undergraduate or graduate work either.)

In contrast, I was educated to be a honest skeptic, I had no exposure to theology, and I had no training in the use of psychological techniques and pseudo-scientific jargon like the sort of clever double-talk that Mr. Winter (and Mr. Melchizedek) use to get people to believe. I have a B.S. in Physics (minor in Mathematics) from the decidedly non-religious, mechanistic, techno-nerd, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (now the Polytechnic University of New York in Brooklyn.) My work is published in peer-reviewed science and consciousness journals, and I serve on the editorial advisory board of the Science and the Primacy of Consciousness series, along with highly respected “name brand” scholars and scientists with more Ph.D.s than I have fingers and toes.

If I had known something about theology – if I had heard about Satanism, Lucifer, the “dark side”, angelology, messianism, prophecy, miracles, and the like, I might not have been taken by surprise by Mr. Melchizedek’s wild response when I telephoned him. “All hell broke loose”, so to speak, when I asked Mr. Melchizedek to help to rein in Mr. Winter as he had promised, and as he wrote in his April 1992 letter to Mr. Winter.

Because I was not well educated in Judaism (which puts no emphasis on these things) and because I was not educated at all about Christianity or Islam (which apparently take Satan and the “dark side” more seriously than does Judaism), I was not at all prepared for Mr. Melchizedek’s weird theological arguments. I was certainly not prepared for Mr. Melchizedek’s threats and his intervention to prevent Meru Foundation from defending the integrity (and usefulness) of our original work from Mr. Winter and his abuses and misrepresentations of it.

I was not at all prepared when Mr. Melchizedek told me that he would not rein in Mr. Winter unless I joined with him and his multi-millionaire benefactor, Jirka Rysavy in “channeling Lucifer.” I had previously heard that Mr. Winter was involved in satanism, but I had not taken it seriously or tried to confirm this. (Mr. Rysavy was then CEO of Corporate Express and Transecon in Broomfield, Colorado, and he is now CEO of Gaiam, the health food and exercise equipment mega-corporation that is currently taking over numerous independent businesses. As we know from the transcript of Mr. Winter’s first “confession” (posted at <>) Mr. Winter later worked for Transecon, under a “front” company, set up by Mr. Rysavy, until Mr. Rysavy fired him for refusing to end his plagiarism of my work.)

What followed was like a grade “B” horror or gangster movie. Mr. Melchizedek not only told me that he and Mr. Rysavy were channeling Lucifer, but that now that he had told me this, if I did not go alone with him and if I did not turn my work over to Mr. Winter, “they (I assume he and/or his Lucifer-channeling friends) would ‘get’ me.”

I was taken completely by surprise. I expected Mr. Melchizedek to be reasonable and caring and to help me to rein in Mr. Winter. Instead I was told about something really sick and dangerous, and I was told if I did not acquiesce, he and/or the others involved with him in channeling Lucifer would actively try to destroy my work and my credibility, and see to it that Mr. Winter got the credit – and that they would support Mr. Winter’s wildly untrue version of events.

At this point, completely blind-sided, I lost it and I got angry. I wish I had a recording of what I actually said, because that would put the lie to what Mr. Melchizedek went on to claim I said – but I don’t. (It was incidents such as this that later prompted us to videotape Mr. Winter’s first confession.) I am sure I told him “to go to hell.” I am sure I yelled something to the effect that it would be more effective to hire someone to get him and Mr. Winter than to use the courts. I was really angry.

But, it never occurred to me (and obviously it could not be true) that Mr. Melchizedek, on hearing me tell him to “go to hell”, actually, somehow, thought I had the power to make this so.

Mr. Melchizedek then went on to fulfill his threat to harm me. This takes us to Mr. Melchizedek’s letter to Mr. Winter and Mr. Winter’s attorney, Stephen Salai, Esq., and to Meru Foundation’s attorney, Brian Coyne, Esq.

If anyone has questions or comments, or would like to see more evidence or whatever, please send your email to

Yours truly,
Stan Tenen
Director of Research,
Meru Foundation

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