By: Bradley Loves


An awful lot of “time” and “money” is being put into the public rollout of old, worn out, useless technology!

See this:


What I’d like to know is WHERE is NASA getting all of the millions of dollars they spend FOOLISHLY on “cover-up technology”?

Cover up technology = technology that is decades (if not centuries) old…, and has little to do with cutting edge tech.  But it is constantly RE-INTRODUCED into the public mind-set in order to feed the public’s assumption that nothing better has yet been developed!


So…, let’s see just WHO is involed in this newest and latest psy-op?



Yep, you gotta hand it to those guys…, still willing to SELL THEIR VERY SOULS for dollars!


Yes…, the “magicians” are at it again!


Wow…, no wonder Elon Musk has sunk SO LOW…, that his companies are imploding!    HE SOLD HIS SOUL!

The man is literally SOUL-LESS…, and this is why creation is punishing him!


Look people, this is the long and the short of it!

No matter how many millions (if not billions) of dollars are WASTED on this type of ANCIENT ROCKET TECHNOLOGY…, the real stuff – anti-gravity drive – is already up and running a LONG TIME AGO!

So why PROMOTE the useless stuff??

Why still even use it?


Oh…, that’s right…, they’ve got someone (you and me) TO FOOL!

They’ve got someone (you and me) they want to LIE TO!

They’ve got someone (you and me) they want to DECIEVE!


If Donald Trump “promotes” this…, then HE is as guilty as all of the rest of them in regards to LYING TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!

Let’s get this straight once and for all…lying openly to the PUBLIC is BAD!


No good can come from DECEPTION!

Let’s see where this goes!





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