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Think outside the box.
Timing of release.
Post Facebook NEWS.
Facebook WW.
Tracking active.
Listening active.
Data shared.
Data USED.
Kickbacks BIG TIME>
Bypass regulations/laws?
Intelligence A’s across the globe in partnership to spy on citizens?
Constitutional crisis?
Who can you trust?
Who organized?
How do social media/search engine platforms ‘weight’ elections?
Regulation or KILL-stop?
Peace through STRENGTH.
Why is HUSSEIN traveling the world conducting high-level meetings?
Use logic.
Nancy Salzman [historical timeline].
MSM will not highlight ‘bottom to top’ unravel.
This Q post, in my opinion is HUGE!
Where do we even start??
Let’s start at the very bottom and work our way up!
The third line from the bottom, Q posts a link from FOX NEWS
This is basically a story about a guy named Keith Raniere who was running a SEX SLAVE CULT, and who was “branding” women like cattle.
Now this guy Raniere just so happens to be heavily connected and involved with a woman named Nancy Salzman… who has a web page and a business at this link below:
She and Raniere were doing all kinds of businesses together, and strangely…, SALZMAN was running this half baked “NEW AGEY” type of Health Consulting Firm that is linked above…, even though she and Raniere were obviously into some really DEVIANT and DISPICABLE stuff!
Now…, it gets better!
The FBI just recently RAIDED the home of SALZMAN, and that story can be found here:
And here:
But as it turns out, SALZMAN was also a member of the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE!!
So now we have a connection between the two top people who were responsible for this SEX SLAVE CULT called NXIVM – which was branding women like cattle – and the Clintons!
The Clinton Global Initiative is basically a sub-section of the CLINTON FOUNDATION!
Here is another link:
The very last line in this Q post says this:
The Main Stream Media will not highlight the (bottom to top) unravel (of the swamp).
Which I take to mean is that things are rolling up from lowest to highest…, and we are SOON going to see Hillary Clinton and most likely Barack Obama being “rolled up” as well in these SEX – SLAVERY – TRAFFIKING scandals as well.
Now…, back to the top of the Q post!
He posts this article about the FISA abuses:
The entire top portion of this post is about how Social Media is spying on Americans!
He basically tells us to: THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX
He says we’ve got:
FACEBOOK (World Wide)
GOOGLE (World Wide)
AMAZON (World Wide)
TWITTER (World Wide)
All doing what???
Tracking Active
Listening Active
Data Shared
Then he says:
(and asks)
Used for What??
My guess is that it is used for EVERYTHING!  From advertising to you to tracking your life, to finding out if you are Republican or Democrat!
Next he says:
Kickbacks Big Time
Both Public and Private
Which means that YOUR ENTIRE LIFES INFORMATION and DATA was being sold to the highest bidder!
Next he asks us:
Did this bypass regulations and laws?  (YES)
Were Agencies across the globe working together to spy on citizens?  (YES)
Next he asks:
Is this a Constitutional Crises?  (YES)
Of what Magnitude?  (HUGE)
Next he asks:
Who can you trust? (NO ONE)
Who organized all of this?  (Clowns in America)
Why? – How do Social Media Platforms add “weight” to Elections?
This probably means that much of this spying on citizens was done specifically in order to RIG/FIX/CHEAT on elections!
The rest of the post is unclear, but I will come back to it if something starts to make more sense!
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