By: Bradley Loves


The trial of 1o Muslim men who brutally gang raped an 18 year old German Girl for 2.5 hours are finally getting their day in court.

Their attitude?

They did nothing wrong!

See this:

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again people!

Get this through your heads….

RADICAL MUSLIMS believe that raping women, boys, and girls is perfectly okay!  This is why this “Religion” is so hated all around the world.

Now…, many people will say that “normal” Muslims would never do this kind of thing…, but…, out of the Billions of Muslims living all around the entire world…, you can’t get a “handful” of them to CONDEMN this type of barbarity…, or to speak out publicly against it!

Not one Muslim will ever condemn the worst among them!!

Now do you finally SEE THE PROBLEM??

The so called “good ones” protect and defend the vicious and the radical ones!!

Which means that they are all “complicit” with what the radical ones are doing!

You see…, in the Muslim world of religious belief…, even a horrible, vicious, and barbaric Muslim …, one who prays to Allah…, is far better than the most holy and devout Christian…, who is nothing but an INFIDEL and deserves to die according to the Muslim prophets.

Until the “non” Muslim world sorts this out…, and finally comes to terms with this ideology…, millions more young women will be gang raped for the fun of it…, and the perpetrators will fume and stomp and claim they DID NOTHING WRONG….




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