Why do you “pretend” ??

You slink around…, watching my blog…, ad a nice comment once in a while…, but when the chips were down…, you could not help but show your TRUE COLORS!

You outed yourself!

U will come back to this level again. And the goid thing is there is no way you can be any bigger of an asshole.


Did you know that these are the EXACT same words that the mysterious HIDDEN HAND said to me, when I was able to ask him a few questions and confront him?

He said any human who “judges” anyone…, even by “judging” those who commit MURDER, the ones who judge are the “bad people”…, and not the murderer!

And certainly not the ILLUMINATI…, of which he was a part.

So, Charles…, ARE YOU ILLUMINATI as well?

You seem to be preaching “their religion”…

Let me ask you this…, because you went sooo crazy after I talked about my years of interacting with gay people… (Many of whom were my good friends)!

I was simply being HONEST!    Did you think that the deepest secrets and the hidden thoughts of such a huge swath of America was just going to remain hidden forever??

Have you ever even had any “gay friends” or “are you gay yourself”?

I’m just wondering…, because you certainly have not got a dang clue what is going on behind the scenes in that world.

I KNOW…, what I KNOW…, because I was there!   I did not “shun” people for who and what they were…, I made FRIENDS with them!   Then, after a significant period of time, they confided in me.

But I never “promised” to keep it all a SECRET!

I don’t know how many gay people over the years told me they’d rather eat rocks for lunch than be saddled down with children!

Why is THAT so hard to believe??

It’s TRUE that many (if not most) feel that way!

And you think because I put that in “print”…, now I’m a HATER?

Once again…, the pot calls the kettle black!


I don’t know how many gays over the years told me (in confidence) that their “dream date” is a 15 year old boy!

Now…, last time I checked…, fifteen year old’s are UNDER AGE!

Tell me Charles…, just which part of my post…, pissed you off so much that you think NONE of it is true?

Now…, the ONLY thing I did not do is “hang out” with Witches, Warlocks, and Magicians.


Because my dear Charles, I know what that means and where it leads!

The question on my mind…, is DO YOU?

Do you know what is going to happen to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

If not here…, then most certainly in the After-Life??

Did you even READ the post that I copied from the Vigilant Citizen about the “Sabrina” Witchcraft Series??

Are you BLIND?

Let’s get back to HIDDEN HAND!

That guy was so ARROGANT…, that after having a ten minute exchange with the guy…, I felt I had to take a shower!

He was perfectly smug in his “knowledge” of just how the entire Universe worked…, and he mentioned that although he did not really WANT to have a conversation with us “lowers” at first…, he was forced to do it by his own superiors.

Imagine feeling THAT SUPERIOR!

He acted as if those of us who were watching his “revealings” at the time he was giving them…, were unruly brats who could not put two and two together.

YOU CHARLES…, just acted in the exact same way!


Inquiring minds want to know….

I’ve got lots of gay friends still…, and…, NONE of them would think of doing anything to harm a child.  But…, countless others I’ve met would!

Do you even get out much??  Have you seen what happens in the big city clubs??

Did you even know that in Las Vegas…, there are countless places (well hidden) where you can find children as young as 9 and 10 years old stripping naked for money in some dingy basement club where only adults are watching them?

WHO my dear Charles do you think these people are?

If there are 50…, 100…, or 150 people hanging out in some sub-basement strip club in Las Vegas where little kids strip down nude on a stage while others watch…, who do you think is paying to see this??

You don’t think gay people will go down to these basement clubs just to see younger boys strip down?  You don’t think Lesbians won’t go down to these clubs to see little girls strip??

Oh…, wait…, you don’t think such places even exist!

Yet…, you presume to LASH out a me…, because I happen to know that they do!

These places are “very” real!

It’s called CHILD TRAFFICKING Charles!  And it’s everywhere…..

Have you even been reading Q-Anon???

What I said in my post (that one you puked all over in your comment)…, was TAME…, compared to what really happens out there!

Where have you been all of your life?

I have not even begun to talk about the “dark magic” side of how children are being used.

Hollywood and the Music Industry are using innocent kids in such a way that would make most people in America want to BURN Los Angeles to the ground if they knew!

Hey Charles…, just WHO do you think is doing all of that stuff??

Straight people??

Two possibilities exist here Charles…

You are either working for the DARK SIDE…, and you came here to troll my blog!

Or..,. you are a gay man…, who has no clue as to what countless other GAYS and LESBIANS get up to…, and because of that, you took GREAT OFFENSE to what I said.., even though what I said is 100 percent truthful!

So…, which is it??

Since you attacked me so viciously…, I at least deserve an “honest” reply to this question.

Don’t even bother telling me you are “spiritual” or “religious” and that’s why you took offense…, because NO man that is spiritual or religious would have written your comment!



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