By: Bradley Loves


Well, it’s happened again!  My main laptop finally froze permanently. And now, I am (once again) forced to get new equipment!

Thank goodness I keep a temporary backup (which is an iPad) handy.

It can be used…, but it is neither ideal for research or for writing.

It is however a good temp backup…, and I’ve used it now twice between computers.

I will say one thing about our (agencies)…, they certainly are consistent.  If they don’t like you, or what you are writing…, they make certain that they screw with you no matter how many times it has to be done.

This might be something to consider when reading my personal blog…,

because you might want to ask yourself what I am writing that pisses them off so much…, AND…, why hundreds of others bloggers are left alone and never have to buy new equipment…

Since “the powers that be” are not allowed to call my blog “fake news”…, and because I do not claim to be the ALL CAPS NAME…, they simply go through the the back door…, and destroy my equipment instead.

See this post:

What they have been doing over the last two years…, is to subversively “hack” and then destroy my equipment (through the Internet)…, on a profoundly regular basis.

You could almost set a clock or a watch to their idiocy…, which is usually about 90 days.

My poor computers have no idea that when I acquire them…, they are embarking upon a suicide mission.

So…, until I get (yet another) laptop…, I will not be publishing as much…, and keep it to a minimum.

I have to say this though…, to the men and women in our agencies.. (And to the countless wet behind the ears…., twenty something brats who love to hack things) … And…, who think it’s cool to hack my personal equipment and cost me the value of that item over and over…..


This one human life you are living is NOT the end of the road…, and YOUR TINY LITTLE ASS…, will be mine…, once you reach the “other side”.

You have NO CLUE who I really am…., OR what I can…, and will do to even things out…

No bosses…, no protection…, no courts…, no agency…, just YOU…, and ME (and a lot of crying on your part)

Its a promise…

To the rest of my readers…, all my love!

We are here to SAVE THE PLANET and to SAVE MANKIND!

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