By: Bradley Loves


I write in a very specific way…, but much of this is intended for a much broader audience than just those living in the here, and the now!

Not only do I write for those men and women living in the here and the now…, I write for the people who are “destined” to see this blog far into the future, and also for those “time-travelers” whose primary mission it will be to take everything that I’ve written back to the past!

When one comprehends this, then you will understand that every word that I am writing on this page…, even though it is written in the year 2018, will end up in the the 1960’s and 1970’s as a result of TIME TRAVEL.

Therefore, I not only write for those in the “now”…, or even for those in the “future”,  but I am ALSO writing for those in the “past” as well!

This BLOG therefore spans time, space, and linear dimensions.

“TRUTH” has the ability to do this!

As we speak, there is an unseen WAR happening as a result of compromised TIME!

Information is most certainly filtering from the future to the past.

Therefore, it is only reasonable to write as if everything I am saying is being seen not only in the present, but also the past and the future!

I have not written at length about TIME TRAVEL or about ALTERNATE TIMELINES yet because too many people can not wrap their minds around this timeline yet!

That being said, it is always a good thing to remember that there is a real “method” to my “madness”…, and not everything that I say or do is going to be clear to everyone in the present moment!

Some of what I write is written specifically for the DARK MAGICIANS, or the DARK CABAL and for no one else!

Some of it is written for the DARK CABAL of the 1960’s, and therefore has nothing to do with the people living in the here and the now!

If you are going to continue to read my blog…, you have to start thinking Multi-dimensionally and thinking across the span of multiple “time-lines”.

The GOAL OF TRUTH is to correct the flaws of mulitple-timelines and then to collapse them into the ONE timeline that PRIME CREATOR wants!

As my readers, you have a “front row seat” in seeing how that gets done!

Thanks for your loving and kind support in this very important task!

All my love…


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