By: Bradley Loves

I want to take time to really honor and thank those of my readers who have taken it upon themselves to help support my work, my blog, and thus me personally over the last year or two!

You have no idea just how much I appreciate your support and loving help!

By sending “regular” love donations (as a certain few have been doing) I am able to continue to do research, follow the trends, read other blogs…, and sort through a literal MOUNTAIN of information.

When I started this, I had no idea how time consuming it would be.  I also got a real respect for “honest” journalists…, who still do research, because it turns into a full time job eventually.

At this point, almost every Alternative Media Website takes donations for support, and I can really understand why.  Because bringing out the TRUTH…, is a full time job in a time when almost ALL OTHER MEDIA (I’m talking the “mainstream” kind) are LYING TO YOU.

Alternative Media Websites and Blogs also “SELL SPACE” on their blogs for ads…, trying to take in money that way.  I have decided not to go that route for many reasons which have to do with cosmic and natural laws.


I have seen the most obnoxious adds placed “right in the middle” of a very important article…, just at the place where the readers attention is the most critical!

Don’t think for a moment that the “ad people” aren’t doing this with a purpose in mind.

They are actively trying to “distract” and take attention away from the website or blogs important content…, with psy-op type tactics.

I am almost positive that there is an arm of the NSA or the CIA running the whole “internet ad” thing, and they are evaluating each and every article written.

Therefore, I will NOT subject my readers to THAT type of intrusion into their consciousness stream!   You will find no disturbing ads here.

That being said, it is then up to my readers to help support this blog…, and thus continue to see HONEST (as opposed to fake) content.

There has never been a time when your support is more necessary!  The end of the year is coming…, and lots of funds are needed.

To those who have been supporting LOVE TRUTH on a regular basis…, you have my thanks!  However, to those who read here…, but have not donated…, I would encourage you to think about doing so.

You can send Donations from your PayPal account to:

That is my account name inside Paypal!    All my love!


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