By: Bradley Loves

My deepest thanks goes out to those people who have generously sent donations to support my work and this blog.

That being said…, as has always been the case…, only a handful of people have done so…, and the amount collected is no where near the goal.  A few more have donated whom have not been acknowledged yet, and I will soon do so.

That being said however, I’m faced with that likely probability I will simply have to close down my efforts here, and focus my time and energy on simply gaining the resources for survival.

As a side note…, I got several very negative “comments” sent to me by a few quite hostile readers who told me it was “GHASTLY” that I had the audacity to “ask for money” on my blog…, and that what I write…, should be FREE, if I was really a good person at all…, and wanted to help the world.

I did not see the need to post such comments!

However, after a long and careful scrutiny of the entire blogosphere…, and the ENTIRE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA…, I did not come across even ONE SITE currently up and running, that did not have a donation button somewhere on the page…, and under it a paragraph asking the readers to please send help and support to keep the blog or website going!

Why is it that if I simply “ASK” for donations in a blog post…, that it is so much worse?  I have not done anything that everyone else is not already doing…, only I’m being more honest and up front about it.

At any rate…, it is the blogs that you send your support to, that you think are important…, and therefore…, those are the ones that will continue.  It’s simply mathematical.

I’m not in this for the money (as a few of those negative commenters suggested) but instead in it to see the WORLD have a decent future.

I am interested in the benefit that I personally can bring to mankind…, and that is all.  At the same time…, I am a realist…, and understand that I can not share anything with people who do not want it, nor care about it.

Because I care personally about all of my readers…, I will continue to write daily until it is no longer feasible to do so…, and at that time, I will simply have to STOP.  At that time, I will focus on “earning” a living like everyone else…, and allow those who seek truth, to do their own research.

I entered into the “fray” so to speak…, only because I felt that there were 100’s of very important things NOT being covered by the Alternative Media…, and especially that were not being addressed by the Channeling Community, who were ignoring almost every evil thing happening on the planet at this time.

By now…, I’ve had my say…, and interestingly…, there is a deep recognition of the “truthfulness” of many of the things that I posted online, starting almost 2 years ago with guest posts on Jean’s old blog.

What at first seemed almost ‘impossible to believe” has now been accepted as most likely the TRUTH, and for that…, I’m happy.  Many writers have picked up the slack and starting writing about what at first seemed TOO out there to even consider.

Certainly…, I’ve gotten the “fear porn” finger wagged at me constantly by those who think that if we ONLY think and say positive things, the evil people will somehow “magically” turn into good people.

But that comes mostly ONLY from the absolutely  “lost and confused children” of the NEW AGE, who seem to think that if we IGNORE the bad or the dark (as if it does not exist)…, it will “go away” on it’s own.

Needless to say that is not happening, and it never happens because it is WE who are re-creating that darkness by our own actions each and every day.

Only by facing the TRUTH OF WHAT IS…, can we collectively start to deal with it, and change it.

For NOW however…, I will continue…, and give my deepest thanks to those who sent financial support.







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  1. Lavender

    Dear Bradley, i support Colins suggestion of a twitter account.

    My twitter account functions only as a constant wake up call. I usually make a header text, post one link to an article and illustrate with 4 pictures. I do not have that many followers but sometimes 24.000 people in 24h see the tweet ,depending on impact and retweet.

    Currently we are being invaded in europe by waves of criminal migrants and all over europe many hundreds of women up untill 82 years are being raped. People are being stabbed murdered in the streets Europe is turning into a war zone but still people are being hypnotised by AI through the plasma screens, day in day out untill it might well be to late.

    i’m not rolling over and, for my daughters sake fighting tooth claw and nail, in any way i can what is happening. My twitter account is a tool and not for promoting self and i think you could use it as a tool too to spread the Truth you can reach a very large audience. i think that is most important. An increase of income through more donations might be a nice side effect.

    Thank you for al you are doing for us.

    ps have a look i think you would like my avatar 😉

  2. colin

    ya need to make a twitter,facebook & insta for your blog and link them up. more readers will increase the donations. you presently dont have an audience on twitter that im aware of. there seems to be just me posting your stuff. a bit of self promotion wouldnt hurt matey ?? im sure you could have a bigger blog following if you try that route

    • Colin, Thanks for the suggestion. “Self” promotion is something that I’ve not really gotten into clearly. You see…, what I’m more interested in is promoting the TRUTH. However…, the way our social media and social interaction has been “set up” is to “promote” the self! This is why “any idiot” gangster rapper who can’t put two words together in a sentence. can have a 10 million followers on Twitter. These things were actually set up to aggrandize idiocy, and hopefully get people to focus only on the base and the mundane. Those who use it for a higher purpose are the vast minority.
      Normally…, I would consider these two things at opposite ends of the spectrum. And yet…, as you suggested these are ways in which
      people say things and can get them out really quickly.
      What I really need is someone who understands that side of things as a partner.

      Waking up humanity should be a team effort. Thanks for your comment! Thanks for reading! All my love..

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