By: Bradley Loves


Whether you actually celebrate Christmas, or see it as a “Holiday”, my wishes are with you during this season.

The main point is LOVE!

Love for yourself, and love for others.

There can be no greater mission in life than to really “CARE” about the people around you.

Too many have taken to “sending” love mentally, which does work, but certainly does not have the same “punch” that love in action has.

To CARE…, means to get involved, and to act according to your abilities and gifts in bringing about a much better world experience for us ALL.

Yelling, screaming, rioting and looting are NOT acceptable methods of “acting” to bring about a much better world experience for all.

Just remember that next time someone asks you to go to a PROTEST.

We are here to really CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER.

I will not say any more than that here.

My deepest love and blessings to my readers who are the best there are!

Merry Christmas!

This song is perfect for Christmas, and is in English and Portuguese!

Done in Brazil, it is Hugo Rafael & Jotta A., singing a very famous John Lennon song.

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