By: Bradley Loves


I’ve been thinking a lot about many of the “announcements” and “pronouncements” coming from all sides of the “inside”…., and those who seem to have permanent  “contacts” who live there.

For instance:

Ben Fulford wrote in his latest post…, that he was “told” that the election was going to be canceled!  But after thinking about it long and hard…, I just don’t see that happening.  The election is approximately 3 weeks away.., and unless one of the candidates actually dies…, I don’t see the election being canceled.

As far as I can tell…, they are both still very alive (the debate showed us that)…., and even if what we saw (in Clinton’s case) was a clone…, that clone looked pretty healthy to me.

I know there are countless articles coming from the left and the right saying this and saying that…, but my feeling is that MOST of this is just hype!

It is geared to keep the public at large OFF BALANCE.

We all know that the Main Stream Media is being controlled.  And that this control is meant to “program” those who watch the News.

However, few are willing to admit (as of yet) that the Alternative Media…, has most likely been severely infiltrated and saturated by NSA & CIA hacks, shills and trolls!

These types are running their own blogs, making their own videos…, and writing their own articles now…, ALL with a goal of confusing, confounding, and misdirecting the Alternative Media public at large!  (Also keeping them OFF BALANCE)

So…, I have started to be much MORE careful…, (if that is possible) than I have been even recently…, and have started questioning EVERYTHING…(and EVERYONE) that I used to think was trustworthy.

I use every tool I have to try to discern if what they are presenting in their articles sounds logical…, feels truthful…, and given what has happened in the recent past…, seems plausible.

As far as I’m concerned…, the election WILL take place as planned!  It is just too close now, and the candidates are both still there.

I think Donald Trump will get far MORE votes…, but feel that the “powers” behind the scenes will “steal” the election in favor of Hillary Clinton!  (Because they want “her” and not Trump).

That is how I think it will go down!

So that is just one of the “rumors” going around that I take exception to.

The other rumor that I take exception to…, is that we are on the “verge” of a financial RV!

I know that all of the press on that subject is talking about how close “we” are…, but the far larger picture of what the CABAL really is…, (Satan worshipping Pedophiles)…, and who they are serving…, (Off World Reptillians)…, does not lend itself to idea that suddenly millions of people are going to be getting money!

It is my opinion that “they” will say anything, and do anything they have to do in order to STALL for a little more time…, and at this point they are unconcerned with getting caught lying everyday!

The stakes are too high now…, and it’s time for the sprint to the finish line!

All I can see going on with the powers that be, or the CABAL…, is extreme DECEPTION happening at every turn…, and almost taking place in every second of every minute of every hour of every day!

They just don’t care anymore…, and the entire WORLD has been able to see though their lies!  It’s too obvious…, and that is why the world is moving closer and closer to a major WAR!

Now…, will a major “war” happen?

I think we still have a little time to change that outcome…, but we need to be really clear in our prayers what it is that we all WANT.

The idea that many channelers are putting forth (that there will never be another full scale world war) is possible…, BUT…, I want to caution everyone out there that according to my “records”…, most of the channeled messages given about most things have already been proven FALSE!

Any occasion where an actual date or time for anything to happen was given…, it NEVER (and I repeat NEVER) occurred.

And, for your information…, this has been the case 100 percent of the time!

We have yet to see ANYTHING…, and I really do mean that…, ANYTHING “predicted” for our future that has actually manifested into REALITY where everyone could see it, feel it, taste it, and touch it!

And…, if you’ve followed channeled messages like I have in the past…., you’d know there are literally hundreds of things that were predicted for the betterment of humanity over the last 10 years or so…, that have “YET” to become manifest!

So will a major world war happen?

It is possible that it might…, even though I do hope that it won’t.

It might, because the ONLY (and I do mean that) the ONLY ones saying that it won’t happen are the CHANNELED ENTITIES…, and those are the same beings who have yet to be right about ANYTHING…, AT ALL…, EVER!

So…, in light of the idea that the CABAL really wants a NEW WORLD ORDER…, and they have NOT YET been removed…, and the “election” is still on…, and we could get a WWIII…, there is NO WAY that I see tons of money being handed out to the little people!


Becuase if millions of people around the world have lots and lots of money…, then their New World Order bid gets canceled…, and as of yet…, “they” have not thrown in the towel!


Until “they” throw in the towel…, don’t hold your breath about getting the RV!

And (like I said above) they will say ANTHING…, and do ANYTHING to stall just a little longer to get WWIII going.

How will it all end?

I’m not certain…, but…, on a day to day basis…, I am watching everything very carefully!

I will tell you if I see any signs that the CABAL has actually given up…, because in my opinion something that huge would come out pretty quickly.

Oh, and by the way…, all those articles we saw “months ago” about Dunford being President and Ryan being Vice President…, and Obama being out on the curb…, was nothing but a total CON!

That just goes to show you how undependable the Alternative Media has become!

Anyway…, these are my feelings…, and MORE will be coming!

All my love….





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