By: Bradley Loves


Honestly, when I write about the “Liberal/Progressive” ideologies – I am not spewing hyperbole’ – but speaking from direct knowledge of the way they think!

There are plenty of walking trails in Arizona and the winter mornings are especially good times to go for long walks.  Not wanting to walk alone, I sometimes take advantage of walking with a partner – and on occasion it happens to be a friend of my fathers.

This man is 20 years my senior, almost 80, and for all practical purposes a nice guy.  He loves to go for walks in the desert as do I, but there is one single problem and that is that he is a Liberal/Progressive – and likes to “argue” politics while we walk.

Sometimes the arguments are discussions and sometimes the discussions become arguments!  But I have “discussed” enough politics with this man to come politely to the conclusion that he (and those who think like him) are verifiably insane!

I have also come to believe and feel that everyone who “thinks and feels” in this manner must somehow be operating on the same strange wavelength.

For those who don’t have time for such “discussions/arguments” I am going to give you the honest “cliff notes” of the political position and thinking process that these people dabble in, and once I have spelled it out for you, you will also probably think that these viewpoints are insane!

First a little background about the guy I’m talking to – without giving up his name.

He was born in the midwest, was raised as a Catholic, has a 4 year college degree, and worked for a large corporation – 3M – for much of his life.  He is now retired.


First off – these people are convinced that Global Warming – aka Climate Change is absolutely real.  Having drank the cool-aid from the “Authority Figures” on television, he has endlessly tried to get me to admit that the world is going to end “soon”.

As educated as this guy is – it boggles my mind that he thinks that somehow mankind could possibly “end” a planet that has been here for millions if not billions of years!

Outside of a complete Nuclear War – I told him – mankind can not possibly have that much of an effect upon the planet.   The worst case scenario would be a global ice-age, but as I explained to “Mr. Educated” – a mere 30,000 years ago, most of the northern hemisphere of our planet was under a huge sheet of ice!

“Climate Change” is and always was a cyclical thing that happens with the Earth regardless of whether mankind is here or not.

“No, No, No, No…,” he began to stammer like a man that was almost ‘possessed’ – “it’s mankind that is doing it – all of the big (and important) ‘scientists’ have said so!”

I gave him the big ‘pshaw’ and waved my hand like he did not know what he was talking about.  Just because he drank the kool-aid, does not mean I have to.

If that were the only thing however, I would not have believed him to be politely insane.

But the next thing really boggles my mind.

Even though this guy is a Roman Catholic – and goes to church with his wife every single Sunday – he is a full believer in abortion.

So you see – he is 100 percent “on board” with the entire Liberal/Progressive story – even if it goes against his own religion.

This issue we had words about – and I was amazed at how looney he sounded when he expressed his views.

The subject came up when the crazies were trying to pass laws that protected abortion in several states right up to the moment of the babies birth.  And, in one or two cases even after the baby was born.

“Surely you do not believe that the mother has a right to abort a baby even just days before it going to be born?”  I said to him pleadingly…

“Hey Bradley, there are just too many people on the planet – the Earth can not sustain them!” he replied quite coldly.  “We need less people not more.”

“But what about after the baby has been born?  Surely you don’t believe that is okay?” I pleaded for a what I thought would be at least a human response.  “That would be killing then, wouldn’t it?”

“Hey, it’s not like the baby has any memories.  It’s not like killing an adult that has a lifetime of memories.” he stated matter of factly, as if that explanation made it somehow all better.

“The world is just too full – we need to ‘get rid of some people’ to save the planet,” he said, regurgitating the Liberal/Progressive rhetoric verbatim and without hesitation.

“And who better to get rid of than the most helpless and the most vulnerable among us – the ones who can not possibly fight back?” I shot him a dirty look.

“You know, some people might ‘judge’ a species by how well or badly they treat their own children!” I said to him cryptically.

(The Tall Whites – talked about by Charles Hall – came to mind, because that was their biggest problem with humanity.)

Aliens Wearing Human Outfits Visit Vegas Casinos to Unwind


I kept that to myself however knowing that any talk about aliens was way over this guys head.

At this point, I was still only feeling sad for him knowing his opinions were not really his own, but had been given to him.

But then the conversation move to Impeachment and Donald Trump – and at this point he began to get emotionally unstable!  It was like he had become possessed.

“I hate that guy!  He needs to be put in prison!”

“Why?”  I asked.  “What has he done wrong?”

“He’s a BULLY, that’s what he is, a meanie! He does not ‘act’ Presidential.”

I laughed, even though it was clear that my walking partner was quite serious.

“Good luck getting that charge to stick!” I told him

Well, the fuse was lit and the fight was on!

For the next hour we argued back and forth about why Trump should be “impeached” and none of his reasons had anything to do with crimes!

I brought up Bill Clinton – who actually committed a crime when he lied about his involvement with Monica Lewisnsky.

The conversation suddenly turned into unchartered territory where he proclaimed the only thing Clinton did was to get a “BJ” under his desk – which is the god given right of every man alive.”

Again I laughed.  “Yea, getting a ‘BJ’ under your desk is so much MORE Presidential than negotiating fair trade agreements with hostile countries.”

“You leave Clinton out of this!  I liked that guy!” he stammered.



We argued more and more, and I pressed again and again for this guy to give me just one crime Donald Trump had committed and I accused the Democrats of simply just wanting Donald Trump out of office pure and simple.

After extreme pressure and constant badgering, I finally got him to admit it.  It was the golden moment.  And he was so exasperated that he simply gave up the entire plot.


I felt vindicated because I had gotten him to say it!   I had gotten him to admit what every other stinking Democrat knows in their hearts, but refuses to say or admit to.

“And you support bringing false charges against a man who has done nothing wrong?” I said jumping all over him now that he had no place to go and could not retract what he said.


I fell silent.

What do you say when an entire group of people are willing to say and do anything they can to remove a man from political office only because they just don’t like him?

Fairness, justice, law, truth, – all mean nothing!

And here is this 80 year old guy – and a fairly nice one most of the time – telling me that truth, law, justice, etc. have no meaning when it comes to who the President is.

Well, I reasoned, what can you expect from a guy who thinks that killing a helpless new born baby on the operating table is a valid way to stop over population on the Earth.

“After all, it’s not like the baby has any memories!”

Yep…, it’s conclusive as far as I’m concerned – these Liberal/Progressives are INSANE!

They need rubber rooms!

I did not even bother to ask this man what he thought about “Trans-genders” or about Adults having sex with little kids.  I was too afraid to ask.

So that is my “long walk” down the Liberal State of Mind.  I can tell you that it is not very enjoyable at all.  I could never live in these peoples skin because I think they are 100 percent bat-sh*t CRAZY!

They are looney tunes in their beliefs, and what’s worse than that is that they can vote!


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