Stop what you are doing.  Right here…, and right now!  This is NOT a request.  I am not asking you to consider being kind.  You as a group, don’t have that quality in your hearts.  However…, you all do have the quality of self preservation!  You also have a quality of greed, and wanting to have “good things” happen to you and for you.

So…, I am appealing to this side of your darkness.  Do YOU, want to continue to live in this Universe?  Do you want to continue to have anything good happen to you and for you in the long expanse of ETERNITY?

Far from what you have been told by your higher ups (they’ve lied)…, and far from what you’ve been told by all of your Off World “friends”…, (they don’t know) or other dimensional demons…, or even those your consider your FALLEN ancestors…, there really is A GOD!

There is a single Supreme Power and Intelligence living and existing within and beyond all of creation!

This GOD…, is watching Earth.

Also…, every second, every minute, every hour, and every day of YOUR lives are being recorded.  Not only that…, but every thought, every word, and every plan you’ve ever made “in secret” is recorded as well…, because there is equipment that can do that!

You all DELUDE yourselves into thinking that there is “no proof” anywhere of the CRIMES you have committed individually and/or collectively.  I assure you, THERE IS!

I have told YOU, COLLECTIVELY (in my writings) over and over again…, that MIND CONTROL is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME.  And…, you have not listened to, nor heeded those wise words.  YOU have ignored…, and squandered any “time” that I have graciously given you to clean up your act!

As is typical with heartless beings like yourselves…, you have only sought to move faster with your plans…, and murdered anyone you thought would be standing in your way.



Our Father says this:

For “any living man” that forgives here on Earth…, it is forgiven in Heaven.

For “any living man” that holds BOUND here on Earth…, then it is held bound in Heaven.

As of this moment, ALL OF YOU individually and collectively are on notice:

Every CRIME against the Earth…, and against my own Natural Life…, and against Nature, and against any living man or woman that has had an effect upon my natural life…, YOU ALL COLLECTIVELY are held BOUND for those CRIMES.

Allowing others to have the right to choose freely (with a clear mind)…, WAS FOR YOUR SAFETY!

Did you hear that?  It was for YOUR SAFETY…, not theirs!

By choosing mind control over others…, you effectively took away the ONLY PROTECTION you would have HAD on the higher levels in defending yourselves against a SOUL like mine.

I AM…, what some refer to as:  ONE OF THE GREAT EQUALIZERS!

In Heaven…, there are many!

The RECORDINGS of your lives…, every second, every minute, every hour, and every day…, WLL BE USED AGAINST YOU in proceedings that will take place AFTER you leave your physical bodies.

Every single one of you that supported and aided in COSMIC LEVEL CRIMES against the living and breathing men and women of the Earth (MIND CONTROL) will be brought forth to stand and answer for what you personally have done…, REGARDLESS of whose orders or directives you were following.

YOU collectively like to believe in immortality, and the on going life of your own SOUL.

Many of you wish to be gods in your own right!  And yet…, in order to have an on going life of the SOUL…, you must first HAVE A SOUL that has not been erased in the Great Central Sun!

YOUR COLLECTIVE activities here on Earth…, has made me so profoundly disturbed, that I will seek to have as many of YOU cast into it as deserves, and can be managed.

YOU have been warned and warned.  MIND CONTROL…, whether by technological means, drugs, frequencies, waves, or magic…, is NOT ALLOWED BY COSMIC LAW!

Once again…, to repeat, THIS WAS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

Many men and women who have not understood this, have almost always FORGIVEN this agregious act, once on the “other side” of the veil.


And no matter what any other SOUL out there either says or does…, if I PERSONALLY am not satisfied with what happens with each of YOU…, the BONDS will not be loosed.

There is NO “other” being…, which can make choices for a SOVERIGN SOUL…, since PRIME CREATOR…, the SUPREME POWER of ALL Universes has given us each FREE WILL.  My FREE WILL has now been chosen.

MY CHOICE is now made, and unless and until there is a CHANGE in your actions TODAY…, and you COLLECTIVELY STOP immediately with your New World Order/Global Destruction/Luciferians Plans…, YOU EACH and COLLECTIVELY have sealed your own fates.

Oh…, and by the way…, ETERNITY is a very long, long time to have one single SOUL so very disturbed with your ACTIONS…, either collectively or as a group.

(Especially one that is quite powerful)

AT THIS POINT…, what you each are facing are consequences that form a chain of suffering that is so long.., and so totally comprehensive, that old “MARLEY” could only wish for such a light chain to drag around.

Killing my body will make no difference, since I am NOT THIS BODY.  I live my life from my SOUL…, my eternal SPIRIT!

My body is only a suit…, but my SPIRIT is supremely pissed.

I don’t “care” that you were “threatened” and “told” that you had to do this.  Sorry…, you should have chosen to DIE before killing or torturing another.

Lucifer (or Lucy) as you all like to call him…, is nothing more than another “created” SOUL…, and has no more power or pull with the Supreme Power of the Universe than I do.  Sorry boys…, good luck with getting help from that SOUL, he can’t change my mind.

Only YOU COLLECTIVELY, by your immediate ACTIONS to cease and desist any and all of this madness on the EARTH can change my mind…, and for that to happen, you ALL need to face up to what you’ve done…, admit to it all, make amends, and change your ways.

Those within your own ranks who refuse…, YOU need to “take care of”…, in what ever way you have set aside for such eventualities.

Oh…, and for the record…, CHANNELED ENTITIES (no matter what they say) do not speak for ME!  I have my very own AGREEMENT with PRIME CREATOR…, and that AGREEMENT is FINAL.

The EARTH WILL BE SET FREE!    Or, each one of  YOU will face the most extreme consequences that can be brought against you for your endless crimes!

The proof used, will be the RECORDINGS that have been made of your entire lives…, and I will use them to show the SUPREME POWER of the Universe why you are being HELD BOUND.  Since I am using FREEWILL…, HE WILL AGREE.

(Just as you each were given FREEWILL here on EARTH)

Until I choose to release those bonds…, YOU CANT DO ANYTHING.

And as I’ve said…, ETERNTIY IS A LONG TIME.

You have a debt (TO ME) which must be PAID…, and MADE GOOD.


So for those of you who “quickly” realize that I’m quite serious…, you will contact me…, and show your willingness to make it right.  For those of you who don’t…, I will see you (in chains) after you leave the physical portion of  your body suit.

Good luck after this single short life is over…, you’ve earned an ETERNITY of suffering.

And don’t worry if there are millions of you that need to be dealt with…, as I’ve said…, ETERNITY is a long time…, and…, I will consider it a PLEASURE…, to see to it each and every one of you get what you DESERVE!

Have a nice day!




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