By: Bradley Loves



This blog (although it appears publicly) is NOT just for you!

I’ve told you many times already, and I will repeat it again here.

I am writing for other people besides the everyday public!

1) There is a very dedicated group of Time-Travelers out there who are reading this blog!

2) There are “White-Hat” Military people who are reading this blog

3) There are beings who are “not from this level of Earth” that are reading this blog!

4) There are beings NOT FROM EARTH AT ALL who are seeing this blog.

5) There are going to be MILLIONS of people (in the future) reading and studying this blog as a monument to History!

It does not “concern” me in the least if people in the here and now don’t want to read THE TRUTH that this blog has to offer them.

It is simply (in my view) an amazing opportunity they are missing.

It would be like going to the World’s Fair…, and not looking at a single exhibit because well…, I didn’t “trust” them.

You who come here daily and are faithful (once you have traveled to the other side of the veil and see just how important this blog really was to Earth’s History) will then be able to say:

Yea…, I was there…, I read it every single day!

Others.., will not be able to say that!

So…, for those who are NOT the general public…, I will continue to write for…, as long as I am able…, and as long as GOD our loving Father commands!!

All my love


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