By: Bradley


My friends, after reading through what I wrote for the blog yesterday, I found it to be overly angry.  I usually read through what I post hours later to see how it “hits” and to see if what I put out makes sense, and the feeling that it gives.

I am normally very satisfied with what I write and how I write it.  Even if it seems “direct” and very pointed…, a lot of times I write things that way with a purpose in mind.

However this time…, I could tell that much of feeling on the page was simply that I was angry…, and for that I sincerely apologize!

You do, after all deserve far better than that!

I was mad that I had lost another computer.  I’ve had to buy so many over the last 2 years…, and the cost really drains me.  And this time around…, the insult to the injury was that not only did my computer get “attacked” but my own body had been “attacked” as well.

I know that there must have been someone, somewhere who monitors what people like myself are doing, and writing, (let’s face it…, that’s really what’s going on here in our world of total survailance) and that person/human being was given orders to do what they did…,  and simply followed them without even so much as a thought as to how it might harm or hurt me.

Mark Passio’s “Order Followers” vids flashed through my mind…, and I was pissed.

I am saddened and frustrated at this I point as I write this.    We’ve got so many young kids working for and with the military right now who are being trained to hurt and to kill without a second thought.

They are being trained to follow orders and to think that those people who are giving them those orders have the right somehow to do that.

We’ve got 10’s of thousands of people who work for the NSA and CIA and who spy on innocent people all day long, and think it’s “cool” to be able to do that!

We as a species have LOST OUR WAY!    I can see it…, and I feel terrible about it.

We’ve got parents who are so oblivious to what is really happening in this country that they don’t even know “enough” of how bad it is getting to either “warn” or to teach their own kids to be careful and use “discretion” in their choices.

The “STATE” is teaching young kids to turn on their own kind!

Everything that I have learned over that last decade has shown me how horribly wrong this world has gone.  And I’m trying hard to see what I can do to turn it around.

I can see it so clearly!   That’s why I write.

What’s worse than this…, however,  is that I see a totally indulgent religion called the NEW AGE all around the Internet…., which instead of “acting” to try to bring back reason, love, and compassion to our world and the people living in it…, has promoted one idea and one idea only…, and that idea is to NOT JUDGE ANYTHING!

And even though they don’t think so…, and don’t see it…, the RESULT of that teaching is a feeling of “indifference”.

The “teaching” is not having the affect they think it is.  I can see it.  I can see clearly the affect that this teaching is having on the entire New Age “Grouping” and those who follow it…, which is one of indifference to suffering, indifference to pain, or indifference to people hurting…, and really any other kind of “feeling” that makes us all human!

Anyone who looks very honestly will see that very same result. People have just “learned” to turn cold and frigid.

The Channeled Messages they read daily have turned them into Robots.

And as a “carrot” to not worrying or caring that they themselves have stopped “feeling”…, they are given weekly updates about how it is all going to CHANGE SOON!   Continue to not judge anything!  Continue to NOT FEEL anything!  Continue to NOT take any real action to make changes…, because just around the corner…, in only moments…, your “reward” will be given!

So we have normally really kind hearted people…, who are “hooked” on the fishing line…, and being reeled in slowly over time…, and the saddest part is that in a few more years…, they won’t remember what it feels like to CARE about anyone or anything.

You see…, it’s these very people who can see how bad it is…, and who might be able to make a difference if they would simply stop tying their own hands…, and turning away from what is happening without saying a word as a result of worrying about being “JUDGEMENTAL”.

Anyway…., because I really do CARE…, and really do LOVE…, it is with my heart and my deepest CONCERN that I tell you I will do better with how I present my thoughts!

Thank You for being a great part of my life!

All my love….


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