By: Bradley Loves


As we speak, I am contemplating the best way to move forward with my message and my mission.  It is noticably interesting to me that the balance that one must strike as a writer varies between:

  • revelations of truth
  • the absolute need for LOVE while doing so
  • the attributes of courtesy and kindness when facing those who refuse to give up their addiction to lies and falsehoods
  • the specific difficult to overcome fact that most of what we need to know and learn about is part of what many people call advanced science, esoteric knowledge and mysticism.
  • to keep the minds and hearts of people on Earth engaged and still operating on the level of TRUE CARING while teaching them…, instead of the New Age “fake version” of caring which basically says anything that happens anywhere on Earth was earned or deserved…, and so…, the best way to really care about people is NOT TO CARE AT ALL.


I have really wrestled with the idea of just how to move forward with the very deeply scientific and estoteric information that needs to come out, while at the same time, not “loose” people in the process.

The ramifications of living and existing within a “frequency” enviornment that on the visible level appears for day to day practical purposes quite solid, has everything to do with Magnetism and even on a deeper level Harmonics.

These things can not be avoided if we are to change things…, and eventually a world wide conversation will have to be had!

I have “decided” that for now…, the best approach is a mixture of “story type” articles…, which mix real science into a type of real time story book approach to important themes.

Instead of giving long lectures about math and true science…, I feel the proper approach to achieve the balance as listed above, is the personal approach…, which will by definition contain “examples” and “situations” that can be related to…, but do not contain “proofs” or “mathematical formulas” which are simply too difficult for most.

The downside of this approach, is that I could be accused of rampant speculation, wholly lacking in proof for what I am going to write…, but that is only a possible side affect of this approach.

The TRUTH here is that you will just have to either decide that I KNOW exactly what I am talking about…., or doubt that, and move on.

Either way…, I will have gotten the information out there for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Expect to see many examples of this type of writing coming in the days ahead.

All my love…


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ANNA VON REITZ (We must stand up for ourselves)


  1. herb4brad

    Bradley your readership may be small but that is comparative. I would much rather have a small elegant bowl of diamonds than a truckload of shiny plastic crap. That being said have you ever considered compiling an Ebook of all your written work thus far? Put it up on one or both of the major global distributors for say US$4.99. Everybody can afford that. And if after a dollar target is reached you could then offer it for free for 10 days for those that really cannot afford it. Then put it back at the original price. At some point if the revenues warrant it and the demand also a hard copy book could be printed of same. Just a thought…

  2. Jeff

    Sounds good to me Bradley. I’m in for the long haul and read everything you write – it’s too important not to. It’s good to be creative and come up with new ways. Your topics are probably heavy for some people that are just now realizing how screwed up our world is. My own wife has told me so – I have to go in gently on many topics until she is ready.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Thank you for your comment Jeff!

      In fact, thank you everyone! As I am drinking my morning coffee…, I can’t help thinking just how wonderful my readers are! Many, many blessings! To you all!

      I am working hard on the first “installment” of a new THINKING BIGGER SERIES…, and it is so involved and comprehensive…, that it may take several more days!

      As well…, even though I have the article from my friend who is a TI (Targeted Individual) he keeps asking me to wait and not post it. (I think he is really scared). Hopefully that peice will come soon as well.

  3. Linda Torgrimson

    No ads on my page. Just the word “advertisements” written in tiny letters. Regarding what you write, I cannot figure out why anybody would even come to your site if they weren’t interested and a believer in what you write. If somebody “doesn’t get it”, why are they even here? I share some of your articles to my FB page, but I don’t think they get read. I have never had a single “like” or “share”. Why not just keep writing the way you’ve been doing it? Those of us that get it, will continue to get it. Closed minds will never understand your message, no matter how you write it. It’s frustrating. If your message “loses” people, then this isn’t the site for them. This is just my take on it.

  4. surfer internet

    Great Brad,

    I thought you’d give up.

    I am one of those who really look up to your articles and share them in my space, FB, WhatsApp etc.

    Thanks for your contribution….

    Btw, I see some ads now on this page : not sure how to paste a screen snap

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