By: Bradley Loves


I sometimes get the impression that my readers really don’t know what to make of me.

They just read my posts and think:



And yet, I promise you, that I would NEVER LIE to you.

I have no agenda in writing this blog other than to tell the TRUTH and spread whatever information I can get my hands on that is real and not a CON!


  • I’m not doing this to be famous.
  • I’m not doing this to make any money (I’m one of poorest people I know)
  • I have not “monetized” any part of what I do…, so I make NO MONEY on adds.
  • Any adds that you do see are coming from WordPress (not from me).
  • I’m not doing this to impress anyone or to even “preach”.
  • I’m doing this ONLY because I really CARE DEEPLY about humanity and the incarnated SOULS which were first created by PRIME CREATOR.
  • There IS a real GOD…., and I will have to answer to that GOD for what I did with my time while here.

By writing this blog, I am effectively WARNING everyone who reads here not to be taken in by LIES, CONS, and DECEPTIONS.

Because I have been doing this much longer than most, I am farther ahead on the road, and I can tell you that almost everything that is easily placed within your reach to learn…, is almost always FALSE.

Even on the Internet…, and especially within the NEW AGE!

If you can find it easily, and everywhere…, IT’S A LIE!

The TRUTH is usually hidden quite deeply and it takes days (if not weeks or months of looking) to uncover it.

This is why these s0-called DAILY UPDATES concerning the “impending” CURRENCY RV…, have always been LIES or CONS.

Served up for you daily (on a silver platter) where no real effort is required to FIND THEM (they are everywhere) you can be certain that there is very little (IF ANY) TRUTH in them.

I have read countless such  “updates” and am both appalled and amazed by the audacity of these LIARS.

Their stories get wilder and wilder with each passing week and month because their “posts” go unchallaged by anyone.

Countless (quite useless) web sites and bloggers RUN to post every single article (with NO proof or verification) simply to have something to put up on their blog page.

When I’ve confronted such men and women, they admit that they DO NOT CARE if what they post is real or TRUE.

They claim that it is not their “job” to do that, and that any reader who come to their page is “responsible” to “DISCERN” for themselves the TRUTH of each post.

I’ve talked to some bloggers who claim that they bare NO RESPONSIBLITY for what they post, even if 90 percent of it is LIES.

They are simply “putting it out there”…, and each man or woman can read or not read as they choose.


I have meditated DEEPLY for years.  I did this LONG before I ever thought that I would have to write a single word.

(I never even intended to write a single word)

I am doing this out of necessity (if that is an appropriate way of putting it)…, and not for any other reason.

Because I spent so much of my young life in mediation, I do have an accurate connection to my own SOUL and to PRIME CREATOR.  I am “aware” (if that is the best possible word to use) of what PRIME CREATOR thinks.

This “fauly idea” that bloggers bare NO RESPONSIBILTY what so ever for what they are posting, and what they are saying on their websites…, will be one of the biggest surprises they ever get, when they “arrive” on the other side.

PRIME CREATOR is very concerned about his soul creations spreading MORE LIES (which is only making things worse) and helping the LUCIFERIANS with their endless CONS.



Anything that makes it MORE difficult for his soul creations (humanity) to come out of their bondage and ignorance concerns HIM.

If you take nothing more away from this post than the knowledge that behind ALL OF THIS created “illusion”…, there really is an ETERNAL FORCE OF PURE LOVE…, which runs it all, then that will be a good thing.

However…, make NO MISTAKE about PRIME CREATOR.

He is a “FATHER” to his creations.

And, I have seen with my own eyes a “father” break down a door and very literally beat the crap out of an intruder who intended to do harm to his child.

And just in case you think OTHERWISE…, that “ACT” is an intensely LOVING THING TO DO.

Protecting his own offspring is every father’s duty, and is his SOULS mission.

The NEW AGE hasn’t got a clue about what “GOD” really wants (sadly).

Finally, I will tell you this.  NO CHANNELER or CHANNELED MESSAGE led me to this conclusion.

I “learned” it as a result of my own deep meditations (I did not have to be “told”).

You might also (rightly) ask WHY I keep refering to GOD as PRIME CREATOR.

For that, you would have to know how the Universe is constructed.

There are countless demi-gods in the “support structure” of our Universe.

These “lessor gods” were created by PRIME CREATOR…, and do in fact have the “power” to create as well.

Many of them have endless EGO’S…, and even disagreements on how to address the “lower realms” of creation.

They enjoy being thought of AS GODS…, even though they are not the ultimate CREATOR of SOULS.

They can create planets, stars and even galaxies…, but can NOT create a SOUL.

Many of them have “opinions” about how human beings should behave and act, and because they are given many freedoms by PRIME CREATOR to do so, they manipulate the lower realms in ways that are not always KIND.

Think of a young child who finds a little turtle in a creek, and then brings him into the house and puts him in a jar under his bed so that he can always “look” at the turtle…

The child does not think that he is hurting the turtle…, but anyone with half a brain can “feel” that the turtle does NOT want to live in a jar under the childs bed it wants to be in the creek and to be FREE.

It is something that a CHILD would do…, and the lessor gods, or demi-gods are NOT beyond such trivial behaviors.

You have to start to GET THIS if you are going to become MORE AWARE.

Just because some “entity” has made contact with you…, DOES NOT mean that entity is a direct representative of PRIME CREATOR…, the maker of SOULS.

If you are not truly AWARE, and have not made direct contact with PRIME CREATOR…, then you can be “told” anything…, and might believe it.

The lessor gods do NOT feel that by handing out faulty information they are hurting anyone.

They see their faulty Channeled Information as an experiment.  Sort of like putting a “mouse” in a maze and then watching the mouse run around inside of it looking for a way out.

They want to see if the “mouse” is smart enough to figure out where the exit is…, or where the cheese is.

They do NOT THINK that they are actually causing human beings HARM by giving them false or faulty information, because they see human beings as far lower lifeforms.


Every level of creation is going to be filled with LIFE and with beings of various dispositions.


Some of these beings are very “technologically” adavanced.

This does NOT make them spiritual or loving (just advanced technologically).


All you have to do is start to LOVE intensely and deeply…, and to CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Once you do…, your LOVE will draw him to YOU.

When this happens (you might be VERY SURPRISED if you are a NEW AGER) to see that “JESUS” actually stands by his side!!


All my love….

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