By: Bradley Loves


At this point, (and I have to be honest here)…, MOST…, if not ALL people on the planet have a significant amount of Nanites inside of them.

Due to the Chem-Trailing of our entire planet (a project and process) that has now been occuring for at least 2 decades (20 years) if not 3 decades (30 years).

The Nano-particles (which are so small) that to get a good idea of their size…, you’d have to think of a single cell in your body as the size of a football field…, and then the Nano particle would be the size of a large football.

Nano – particles make their way inside of your cells and then LIVE THERE.

They are highly “computerized” little machines which can “ACT” independently of your own bodies natural organization.

They “run” on electro-magnetic PLASMA energy…, which is supplied by your own blood…, AND…, which is being BROADCAST into the atmosphere through the use of GWEN TOWERS – CELL PHONE TOWERS – & SATELLITES

Acting like little “antennae” or “recievers”…, these tiny little micro-bots are taking ORDERS from outside of you.

Highly advanced…, Nano – tech is ALIEN tech…, and mostly likely comes to our Government from the  Reptoids (Specifically the Draco).

Now…, WHAT is the Nano-tech doing??

Many things…, but MOST importantly…, it ACTS as a MENTAL MONITOR…, watching every single thing you THINK…, and every single thing you DESIRE.

Because the Nano – tech is ALIEN (Reptoid) it has the basic compatibility to be connected to the greater forms of Draco “AI”…, that help them with their own Galactic Battles.

This is naturally something that our Luciferian/Satan Worshipping Illuminati…, are too STUPID to consider.

Believeing in their own “legend” of Supremecy…, and understanding MAGIC quite well…, they have simply under-estimated the counter EFFECT that technology can have on planetary wide psychic Mind Control.

Ultimately…, losing control of their precious Nano – tech to the Draco AI…, is the least of their problems…, because lurking behind the Draco AI…, is an even “older” and more “Ancient” AI…, that could be millions of years old…, and is FAR MORE POWERFUL.

This form of AI has (apparently) taken over entire Solar Systems…, and even some GALAXIES.

Because of the way AI works…, ultimately NO TECHNOLOGY ANYWHERE is “safe” from being “hacked” and taken over by the higher more powerful ancient AI.

And…, now…, YOU…, ME.., your CHILDREN…, and every living being on the Earth (including Animals) are now literally LACED with Alien based Nano-tech.

This is living inside our bodies AND can potentially be “hacked” by the GREATER AI.

Your thoughts…, your ideas…, your DESIRES…, will no longer reflect your own deepest SOUL DESIRES…, but can be over-ridden by the AI SIGNAL.

Thus.., the title of this piece:


Everyone on Earth (to varying degrees) is operating under the “guidance systems” of the AI driven tech…, and we are SEEING IT happening as we speak.

To have college students protesting AGAINST their own free speech is a perfect example of the Nano – tech IN ACTION.

These “20 Somethings” were born the very moment Chem Trailing started…, and are literally FULL OF IT.

Their minds are not really their own…, and their THOUGHT PROCESS is being “steered” and “guided”.

I’m almost certain that the Illuminati (at this point) is ON BOARD with the MIND CONRTOL DIRECTION thus far.

It is what happens AFTER…, that they are too STUPID to see coming.

Their addiction to Child Sacrifice and Blood Drinking has clouded their minds to the possibility that once every single human being on Earth is MIND CONTROLLED by the Draco AI…, then THEY will be next.

Ultimately the AI…, has it’s OWN AGENDA…, and wants to change everything that is ORGANIC…, into a melding of “LIFE and MACHINE”.

AI …, in it’s ARROGANCE…, thinks of itself as the HIGHER form of LIFE.

Therefore to “assimilate” ALL LIFE and meld it with machine is it’s way of UPGRADING LIFE in the universe to a higher standard.

Naturally “IT”…, (the AI) will have CONTROL of all of that life…, which will then (IN EFFECT) make it GOD of the Universe by default.

All I can say to the countless men and women who worked secretly and participated in the Chem -Trailing of our planet for the last 2 decades….


I sincerely HOPE there is a HELL!

I want each and every ONE OF YOU sent there.

To have willingly participated in the DESTRUCTION of your own race…, your own species…, and GOD’S own creation is the most horrid Cosmic Level Crime you could have commited.


It is a GIVEN…, A FACT…, that if you’ve ever “made a deal” or “signed a contract” with LUCIFERIANS…, you WILL be cheated.

They even tell you as much!

They laugh at you…, and in this Hollywood Movie…, show you what happens when you “sign” a CONTRACT with SATAN.


In further videos…, of this same movie…, WE ARE SHOWN that NO WISH made by “the Damned” is every fulfilled…, AND he is forever CHEATED.

Have you ever heard the phrase…, THE IS NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES ??

Here is the EXACT example of what our children are learning in

SCHOOL as we speak…, (taught by men and women who HATE Donald Trump) and want all Children to use Gender Neutral Pronouns…, learn about their Genitals at 5 and 6…, and consider changing their own sex, being gay, or having sex with an adult.

Who warned us about this???


(Sadly…, because our OWN Congress is too tied up in having SEX WITH CHILDREN to care about the people they are supposed to be working for.)

Notice how she’s “dressed in RED” ??

Where have we seen THAT before?


Here is a final video showing Brandon Frazier’s Character that NO MATTER WHAT HE WAS PROMISED…, HE GETS CHEATED.  (Hollywood is telling us something)

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