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As a species living on the surface of the Earth, we certainly have many problems that need solving, but one of the most deadly and destructive problems we are facing few people (if any) actually know about!

That problem is that our bodies are now saturated with self constructing and self replicating, Nano-biological technology!


Many people have reported to me some very odd things going on inside of their minds and their bodies…, the most notable of which is strange breathing patterns!

Taking place when their bodies are in a resting state, several people have reported experiencing a type of mechanical breathing where their breath is exhaled through the mouth only (not the nose) in a short burst of “phissing sound” that is almost like the action of a pressure release valve used in mechanical things.

It has been describes as definitely “machine like”, and is far from organic!

The only conclusion that I can draw for them is that this is the first of many clues that NANO-TECHNOLOGY is already up and running inside of their bodies!

But since they are not complaining of any other symptoms they can notice…, then one has to assume that it (the nano) is merely in lurking mode, and even though it is up and running, it has not yet been fully activated!

Bryan Alexander was just one of the people who complained of this in our discussions shortly before he died at the age of 37.

So the real question is:  What happens when the Nano-Tech becomes fully activated within us…, and what is it’s goal??

Well, I’ve already been told by Shane Bales that “they” (The Illuminati) already have technology that can make you hear and see things (in your mind) that are not really there!

He associated this technology with AI

My guess is that when “they” finally turn on the Nano-Tech world-wide…, they are hoping for some kind of  STAGED EVENT!

This event could be something like:

  • The Second Coming of Christ
  • A Massive UFO Invasion
  • A UFO Mass Landing
  • A Simulated Nuclear Attack
  • The return of Mohammed
  • The Appearance of Ascended Masters (if you are a New Ager)
  • Or a variety of different events depending on who you are and where you live.

It could be anything of a startling and unexpected nature.   This “EVENT”  however would only being playing out inside of peoples minds…, but not in the real world!

Now…, how is this even possible??

See this:

Below is a chart that talks about how Nano-tech is currently being designed to interact with your brain on the neural level! 

In fact…, isn’t Elon Musk working on such technology even now?  Isn’t his company called:  NEURAL LINK?

Your neurons are the gateway into getting your mind to see things which are NOT REALLY THERE.

This is being worked on by big corporations under the guise of using it in VIRTUAL REALITY GAMES.

This is why so many known Globalists have invested so much time and money into Virtual Reality Games…, because the technology being developed is the gateway to trans-humanism!  

Epstein was one such “investor”!

Nanites and Nanotechnology for Use in Virtual Reality and Haptics


Nanites and Nanotechnology for Use in Virtual Reality and Haptics


With the founding of two companies designed to interface human brains directly with computers using nanotechnology (See this Wired Article) the stage has now been set for next stage of evolution, as willing humans begin to digitize their intelligence and become a super-intelligent new species.

Much has been written about “Trans-humanism” but until now, it was purely the realm of science fiction. Just as virtual reality was imagined long before it was actually developed, this inevitable technology, while horrifying to many people, will creep into human society step by step, and seem normal within 50 years.

This will happen because it will offer so many benefits, such as never forgetting anything, curing mental illness, instant access to all the world’s information and virtual reality worlds, massive multi-tasking, and the ability to communicate directly with Artificial Intelligence, another intelligent species expected to “wake up” on Earth within 30 years.

Nanites for Haptics in VR

The Nexus Trilogy - by Ramez NaamThe assumed goal of VR is to create an experience that appears to be real, surreal, or super-real,(alson known as Full Dive VRR and that must include the sense of touch. Touch includes not just sensations on the skin but pressure, momentum, heat, texture, gravity, and more. Many companies are developing Haptic technologies that can crudely simulate some of these sensations, and they can be fun for specialized uses, but the brain’s senses are far too complicated and sensitive to be fooled completely by strap-on products or full body haptic suits.

The only way to truly fool the brain is going to be to have access to individual neurons. That’s 100 billion of them, with up to 10,000 connection each, making for nearly a quadrillion connections. It’s thus assumed by futurists that the most likely scenario is to inject a liquid containing billions or trillions of tiny nanobots that will attach themselves to individual neurons, communicating with each other as a network, either through tiny cables or some type of nano-wifi. (A great recent book series that describes in great detail how this could work, and the potential uses, is Ramez Naam’s The Nexus Trilogy.) Together, they will also be able to communicate with the internet or outside technology such as a desktop computer (or the future’s equivalent) and that’s where VR and haptics come in.


You see…, it is my opinion that a lot of this nano-technology is already inside of us…, having been dumped on us from above in Chem-trails (so that we would breath it in)…, put into our foods and our beverages (Kelloggs and Coke) and injected into our children (Vaccines).

Thus, without our knowledge and against our freewill…, this Nano-tech is already inside of us whether we want it there or not…, and is simply waiting for a massive activation event like the ones I’ve listed above!

Once this activation event occurs…, Earth and life on Earth will never be the same because everyone will be basically having a mass hallucination or mass dream event where what appears to be happening is NOT REALLY THERE!

And yet…, since all of us seem to have our own bodies filled with this Nano-tech…, how are we going to be able to fight it once they TURN IT ON??

We collectively have very little time left where we can EXPOSE the inner workings of the Illuminati and the Cabal!  This is also why I complain a lot when so much TIME is being wasted on “dotting i’s” and “crossing t’s”…, when real world ACTION should simply be taken immediately against these Illuminati members where their family fortunes are confiscated so they can no longer use that money to try to take over the world!

All I can say is that we need to keep our eyes open people!

The Satanic Cabal is not going to just “quit”…, even if you do your best to IGNORE and FORGIVE them!    They’ve got a plan…, and that plan has you under THEIR CONTROL!

The only question is this:

What are you going to do about it?

All my love…..










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