By: Bradley Loves


Well all know what the Main Stream Media is by now!   Owned lock, stock, and barrel by dark interests within the structure of the Global Elite…, it is nothing more than a “mouth piece” for propaganda…, or “spin” as some of the journalists within the industry call it.

There are reports from various sources that tell us that “legally”…, the Media is under NO OBLIGATION to tell us the truth…, since they consider what they do “ENTERTAINMENT”!

They consider those men and women who “watch” Television at this point to be basically “consenting” to any and all FICTIONS which are presented to them since they have never (as of yet) objected to any of the lies.

There is a Natural Law in the Universe which says that “WE” must “object”…, and we must lodge our DISAPPROVAL in:

  1. Thought
  2. Word
  3. And Deed

Before we can claim that we did NOT CONSENT to what they were doing.

If we remain silent…, then those who work for and with the darkness, can claim that our silence was in fact CONSENT.   (Albeit…, of the “tacit” kind)

It needs no repeating here in this post that those men and women who are working with the darkness are pushing the “rules” right to the very edge…, all day long, continuously!

This is what “WE” are up against!

A good example of this type of behavior would be like driving a car as fast as it could go (wide open) continuously…, without stopping!

This is the level of their resolve…, and it is why…, the men and women who “CLAIM” to be of the light…, and light workers…, are getting their asses handed to them.

I have not seen, nor met many who work for the light side (save very few) who have that level of intensity…, or who have devoted every waking minute to spreading the TRUTH.

David Icke, Mark Passio, Micheal Tsarion, come to mind as men who have made their entire lives about waking people up…, and not only run blogs…, but constantly make videos…, and are on speaking tours around the world, if not around the country.

They live, breath and “act” in that sense of working for, and with the light and in the bringing of TRUTH to the masses.

They are doing this in

  1. Thought
  2. Word
  3. Deed

This is in very “stark” contrast to those within the NEW AGE who have started an entirely new world wide RELIGION that calls everyone who comes into it to do one thing it seems…, and if you look closely…, this is where most of them are mentally.

That thing…, just like the men and women who are Christian, Jews, Muslims or others are called to do inside their respective religions…, is to give their unlimited and unending “BELIEF” in the ideas they are being TOLD or TAUGHT by their so-called PROPHETS!

Within the New Age…, it is the idea that Channeled Messages are the best way to learn anything about what is really happening to humanity…, and “the Prophets” are called: Angels and Ascended Masters!

None of these beings have ever been “seen” by anyone…, and much of what they say is not only unprovable…, but has also never come to pass…, when actual and specific dates have been given.

Therefore…, “NAVIGATING” the Alternative Media…, which is filled with endless Channeled Messages is going to be a challenge at best.

Something that I learned from Shane, aka THE RUINER…, and apparently he learned from his “training” within the Illuminati Structure is that the Universe does not see a “difference” between the SELLERS OF LIES…, and the BUYERS OF LIES!

He says that FREEWILL allows men and women to lie as much as they choose.

(Even higher s0-called Beings in the Astral Levels)

However…, we do not have to “buy” those lies.   If we accept…, tolerate or CONSENT to  what they are “selling” then the Universe sees that as “our fault”.

Navigating the treacherous waters of the cosmos means the each and every single one of us needs to be ETERNALLY VIGILANT with each and every single thought, idea, or Action that is happening around us.

We need to check and double check every idea given to us.

No one “deserves” our TRUST, without EARNING it…, not even so called Angels or Ascended Masters.

If they FOOL US…, then the Universe sees it as OUR FAULT, because we were willing to BUY the LIES they were selling!

Something to think about for those who are constantly “prattling on” about how we just need to BELIEVE and SURRENDER…, and HAND OVER our responsibility to think for ourselves about every issue we face!

All my love.




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