Global Tyranny is coming!  And it is coming under the cloak and the disguise of a Medical Emergency! 

The Doctors who are selling the rest of us out – are getting protection!  The ones who have a conscience and are trying to help us are going to be vilified!

People world wide who have never had to think for themselves (EVER) and have been trained, groomed, and brainwashed to always believe everything that figures of AUTHORITY tell them – are walking like sheep into a slaughterhouse!

This article (from Natural News) informs us that You-Tube is still working hard (behind the scenes) to totally control the public opinion (MIND CONTROL/THOUGHT CONTROL) of the masses in order to secure their obedience and change their behavior.

Please read this article:

The saddest part of this is the people are SO BLIND and SO DUMBED DOWN that they don’t see the actual purpose of these actions that are being taken, which is to PROTECT the very people who are leading you to your deaths – while vilifying anyone who would save you!

What we are now seeing is a form of “mass insanity” taking root in the public where their minds are so filled with JELLO, they can no longer think clearly any longer.  We are in dangerous times for sure!

This is how World Wars are started!  This is how Civilizations fall!

Welcome to the bigger picture!






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