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Internet Censorship on Super-Steroids, The Right Is Being Censored Out Of Existence


A Major Accomplice in a Massive Deep StateCriminal Conspiracy to Shut Down the
Right by Terminating Free Speech

As Big Social Media violates the First Amendment with impunity, the rule of law is deliberately destroyed in America as a prelude to a covert Communist takeover

State of the Nation

Truly, it really does not get any worse than the rapidly deteriorating predicament in America concerning free speech.

The most alarming reality, given the downward spiral of wanton law-breaking by Big Social Media and Big Tech, is that the Second Amendment will effectively be GONE by Election Day 2020.

When that happens, the USA will become the USSA.

America will morph into Amerika.

The sanctuary states and cities will further transform into communist enclaves run by political bolsheviks, rabid socialists and cultural marxists.  Once the largest cities and states are successfully taken over it’s quite easy for the globalists to implement their destructive agendas however they wish.  And with each successive election cycle, the Deep State Democrats control more and more of the key power centers.

People, this dire situation is so much worse than anyone knows.

The truth be told, TPTB already have the whole place locked down—completely.

They won’t show us that, however, unless it’s absolutely necessary for the outworking of the final and crucial phase of their New World Order globalist scheme.

Deep State acts with impunity

As long as Deep State can act with total impunity in the systematic termination of the Second Amendment, and they are every minute of every day right now, they will not reveal their hidden intention to establish a One World Government.  Nor will they bare their claws.

This has lulled many patriots into a state of dangerous complacency.

Yes, the major Alt Media platforms on the Right like Natural News are rightly kicking and screaming as they are deplatformed, demonetized and destroyed on the Internet, but once their voices are effectively muted, they’re gone!

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