By: Bradley Loves


One of the most studied and deeply looked at phenomenon of warfare is the phenomenon of SHELL SHOCK.

This is where a soldier who isn’t really wounded physically, is so psychologically wounded and shattered that he refuses to fight back.

The term was first coined in World War I where soldiers who had been in the trenches for days, weeks, and months on end (and who had bullets and mortars flying over their heads night and day) simply gave up and huddled into a fetal position.

It was thought that the “shock” of hearing all of the explosions of the battle had somehow had a horrible cumulative effect upon the soldiers central nervous system where they could no longer think or act in a normal fashion.

Today…, SHELL SHOCK is known as PTSD.

It is the same sickness with an entirely new name.

Since this has been very carefully studied for almost 100 years now (since World War I)…, it has been found that almost anything can cause SHELL SHOCK!!

It was found that Shell Shock was based in TRAUMA!    And that trauma can be caused by anything that is highly emotional and fairly constant!

In World War I…, the reason so many soldiers succumbed to Shell Shock in the first place is that those Generals who were fighting the battle behind the front lines were tired of the Stalemate that Trench Warfare had produced.

There was no forward movement and the enemy lines would not budge.  So the brass who were miles away from the front (on both sides) decided that the only way to get any movement was to bomb (night and day) the soldiers in the trenches in the hopes that they would either just die or give up!

This tactic (born of desperation) is like taking a machine gun that has endless bullets in it and shooting it at a single enemy for days, weeks, and months on end while all the enemy can do is cower in a ditch covering their heads.

It was hoped that this would make the enemy give up…, but what it caused was a phenomenon called:  SHELL SHOCK  where the entire central nervous system of the soldier was fried and he could no longer even operate as a human being.

Over the last one hundred  years…, the scientists and doctors studying SHELL SHOCK have found that any kind of INTENSE TRAUMA that is fairly continuous will eventually induce the same effect on a human beings central nervous system as SHELL SHOCK!

In the 1950’s…, when the sadistic and Satanic Brief called:  SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS was written…, it had already been 30 years or more since World War I…, and the cleverest minds of the day had discovered that SHELL SHOCK was a very desirable side effect of war!

The reason it was seen as so desirable was that it totally incapacitated (usually very long term) all enemy soldiers or combatants and made them incapable of fighting back.

Millions (if not billions) of dollars were placed into secret research trying to figure out ways to induce the same effect as SHELL SHOCK…, but without actually having to shoot bullets at people or drop bombs on them.

This was done by the Deep State and the American Intel Communities, which included the CIA.

Strangely…, it was found that the MEDIA itself could be enlisted to induce a type of SHELL SHOCK in the public at large if they were to employ a type of reporting that was extremely emotionally upsetting to people…, and were to do that type of reporting continuously for days, weeks, and months on end without stopping.

Remember…, the soldiers who had shell shock in World War I were NOT PHYSICALLY INJURED!   They had no bullet wounds anywhere…, but they were simply not able to continue to fight due to extreme TRAUMA!

The powers that be noticed this…, and wondered how they could get the very same effect without shooting bullets or dropping bombs!

In other words…, SHELL SHOCK became one of the most studied and looked into phenomenon of war in the entire history of war!

It was found that it wasn’t actually the bullets or the bombs being dropped that had caused the SHELL SHOCK…, but the intense emotional trauma and strain on the human beings mind and central nervous system over long periods of time that had caused the Shell Shock.



With the introduction of “identity politics” and “extreme minority rights” into the political foray…, the Democrats have successfully turned what was once seen as a battle of wits and strategy into an all out KNOCK DOWN DRAG OUT WAR that must be won at any cost!

Because elections and politics have now become WAR…, then anyone who is on the wrong side of that WAR is seen as a legitimate target of the war.

This is the exact reason why anyone who is a Donald Trump “supporter” has been vilified, bullied, beat up, harassed, banned, censored, shamed, targeted, and even killed by those on the side of the Progressives!

You see…, the Progressives actually “get it”!

They understood and figured out the very moment that Donald Trump took up the office of the President that “they” were at WAR!

They “got it”.

Hollywood got the memo as well!  They “got it”.

Even to this very day…, maybe one in 1,000 conservatives actually understand that they have become TARGETS OF A WAR!

They just don’t get it!   They can’t believe that “politics” has turned into a battle that must be won at all costs!    They are (in simple terms) ASLEEP and confused.

Because they are generally well adjusted people who simply want to live their lives without being harassed, most conservatives and Christians living in America have no clue that politics and elections have now become battles that need to be fought to the DEATH!

Of course the very liberal professors in Colleges and Universities have been telling their students (behind their parents backs) that the “world” is going to end in 12 years or less if nothing gets done about Climate Change.  So in secret, the Progressives/Socialists created a very highly motivated army of young people who honestly believe that very soon, they will ALL DIE!

And the rest of us sit here and “wonder” why these kids are so vicious in their beliefs and their ideologies…, and are so motivated?   Well…, what would you be willing to do if you believed that you were going to DIE very soon if things did not change??

Once again…, the conservatives and Christians were totally ASLEEP while their children were actively being “indoctrinated” by completely insane and very deviant liberal professors whose only goal was to “radicalize” their young minds with propaganda to achieve an agenda!

You know…, SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS…, laid all of this out very clearly.

It was written about in the 1950’s and very slowly deployed on Americans in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and by the time 9/11 came along…, almost every single American was ready for the huge diabolical TRAUMA that was going to be perpetrated upon our public consciousness.

You see…, for those who see “controlling” every single human being in the entire world as a necessary goal…, SHELL SHOCK and TRAUMA become the most useful tools they can employ without raising any suspicions.

The reason they use these as tools is because they know they can basically “get” people to leave the field of battle…, even if they are not really wounded, and there are no bullet holes, concussions, or broken body parts to tend with.

Well…, what is this current FIELD OF BATTLE…, you might ask that we are all fighting on?

Your RIGHTS and FREEDOMS is the current field of battle!

They want to take those away from you!  But they can not afford to be seen as the aggressor in this TOTAL WAR against you.   They must at least “appear” to the naked eye to be innocent!  Thus they can not take up visible arms or visible weapons against you!

But what they CAN DO…, and ARE DOING…, is to use well known psychological tactics that will create EXTREME EMOTIONAL TRAUMA…, and hopefully induce SHELL SHOCK in the public at large!

Every single attack on the Presidency of Donald Trump is simply another “volley” of bullets and mortars flying over the heads of his supporters!

The Democrats know this!

Every new Scandal and Accusation against the President is a calculated attempt by the Globalists to emotionally cripple his supporters and thus “get them” to run from the field of battle!

They are trying to induce SHELL SHOCK

These Deep State people are very well versed in psychological WARFARE…, having studied it for many decades, and they are using the MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD, and MINORITY GROUPS, BIG TECH and every “ally” they have to “emotionally attack” anyone who is on the side of Donald Trump and thus standing against their agenda!

These “attacks” have been ongoing for days, weeks, months and now 3 full years…, and the goal of these attacks is the very same as what the Generals tried to achieve in World War I to end the stalemate of the Trench Wars.

They are trying to get the soldiers to run from the field of battle by hitting them endlessly without stopping!

As I’ve said before…, anyone who is not on the side of the Globalists or the New World Order…, is seen as a legitimate TARGET of the new type of WAR even innocent people can not escape from!


Good and decent people are not excused or immune from this battle…, because the whole point of this battle is to WIN AT ANY COST.    Therefore if you are not “with us”…, you are AGAINST US…, has become the justification for doing emotional harm to innocent people!

Now…, make no mistake about it…, SHELL SHOCK, or as it is called today PTSD, is actual physical HARM!   It is diagnose-able HARM…, so this is not a “tactic” that is going to be free from causing anyone actual damage.


In fact…, this tactic is hoped to cause immense emotional damage…, but it is just not damage that can be very easily seen!

TRUMP is right to say that Hollywood and the Media are the ENEMY of the people!

Not just because they are lying to you…, but because they are using a TACTIC OF WAR against you!!

They truly are attacking you every single day…, just not with guns and bullets!  They are attacking you with fake, false and made up scandals that hopefully will cause you EMOTIONAL TRAUMA!

Their goal is to get you to become SHELL SHOCKED and to run from the field of battle!

This is a “tactic” of WAR…, and it is being done to YOU!

So…, here is the very well paid ARMY that is being used by the DEEP STATE to cause innocent people REAL HARM and REAL DAMAGE by trying to induce SHELL SHOCK in them.

It is a WAR…, and they are shooting at you…, just not with bullets…, but with highly polarized and highly charged FAKE SCANDALS for days, weeks, months and years on end!

Now that you know this…, what are you going to do?

Will you fight back?

Or…, just as they hope…, will you run from the field of battle??


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